Focus on 3 things since inception in 2019 made this happen:

1. Purpose driven team
2. Employability and not just Employment
3. Performance as a religion

PURPOSE to make an impact in womens' life drives Gynoveda team to work everyday. We don't sell products but a promise to regain your health which is prerequisite to be the best version of yourself and achieve your dreams.

EMPLOYABILITY of a professional in future depends on limits you push at work today. Gynoveda offers a work environment for people to excel in their job that not only creates value for consumers today but also raises their own market value and inturn their employability in future.

PERFORMANCE is a religion at Gynoveda which makes us rise above caste, creed, gender and above all Mediocrity. Performers are our favorites. And performers doesn't necessarily means top performers but all of those who meet or exceed their goals for measurable metrics. Performers are those who hustle for continuous improvement and doesn't become complacent after attaining some milestone.

Do you wish to join Gynoveda and be a part of this Great Place to Work? You can apply here and advance your career.