Gynoveda Story Revealed - Mission, Founders, Investors, Products, Reviews

Gynoveda Story Revealed - Mission, Founders, Investors, Products, Reviews

Gynoveda, award winner of Times Brand Icon 2021 as India's Leading Ayurvedic Women Healthcare Brand headquartered in Mumbai.

Gynoveda Story

Women experience on an average 400 menstrual cycles and 2 pregnancies during her lifespan.

Women were born to have healthy periods, lifelong...! But they’re told that period abnormalities like pain, irregular period cycles & flow are necessary evils in life. Universally, dominant advice is to grin and bear the pain. 

Over 600 million women, globally silently suffer from menstrual disorders like PCOS, irregular periods, PMS, painful periods, abnormal white discharge yet they dread visiting a gynaecologist for 3 major reasons:

  • Fear of physical examination or surgery
  • Lack of access to the right gynecologist
  • Social prejudices and anxiety of being judged

Gynoveda started in 2018 with a vision to combine Ayurveda, Content & Technology to develop a safe selfcare solution to restore the human truth and enable women to experience healthy periods, lifelong! 

Women are blessed to have menstruation. It acts as a health dashboard for women and period abnormalities are a mere outward sign of deep seated internal disorder'' says Rachana Gupta, CoFounder of Gynoveda and author of the book Happiness Ki Khoj.

Founders’ Mission

Vishal Gupta, founder of Gynoveda, suffered from lifestyle disorders for over a decade until Ayurveda offered permanent cure. During this journey he deeply studied Ayurveda and discovered Ayurveda has amazing remedies for PCOS, Irregular periods, Abnormal discharge, period pain and 20 such gynec issues.

Husband-wife duo Rachana & Vishal Gupta quit their high-paying corporate jobs to pursue their passion and partnered with a dream to make Ayurveda the world’s #1 choice for menstrual healthcare & wellness. 

Where modern science offers temporary relief, Ayurveda promises safe, long-lasting solutions that treat the root cause of period abnormalities to experience healthy periods lifelong”. says Vishal Gupta, Founder & CEO of Gynoveda.

Gynoveda Team of Ayurveda Experts

Gynoveda team at Mumbai office.


In 2019, leading venture capitalist of India Fireside Ventures invested in Gynoveda to support this noble mission that holds the promise to change lives of over 600 million women globally. 

Since then is visited by 4 lakh women every month and customer base grew by 1000x specially during pandemic in 2020 when women couldn’t visit a Gynecologist’s clinic.

Watch this amazing video conversation between Gynoveda Founders & Fireside Investors.

Kanwaljit Singh, Fireside Ventures, Founder, Investor, Funding

Gynoveda Products

Gynoveda products are made of 100% ayurvedic herbs that are rigourously tested for its purity, safety and most importantly its potency. FDA approved these innovative products after careful due-diligence and also awarded its manufacturing unit GMP certification for following statutory quality standards.

Common questions women ask about Gynoveda Ayurvedic Tablets

  1. Are Gynoveda products safe?
  2. Does it have side effects?
  3. Is Gynoveda good?
  4. Is Gynoveda effective?
  5. Does gynoveda work?
Answers to all these questions are well documented here.


Gynoveda Ayurvedic Treatment


Women are told that PCOS is a universal phenomena in the modern age and she should learn to live with it. Truth be told, PCOS is not a disease but a lifestyle disorder. Ayurveda shows the way to treat it. 

Contraceptives provide only temporary relief. Ayurveda helps overcome the root cause and provides lifelong freedom from PCOS and prevents future recurrence.

40+ potent herbs in Gynoveda PCOS Ayurvedic Pills helps induce natural periods on-time every month without harmful side-effects of contraceptives or hormonal pills. These ayurvedic herbs also help purify blood, balance hormones and improves chances to conceive by supporting timely ovulation.

Gynoveda PCOS Ayurvedic Pills

Irregular or Delayed Periods

Hormonal Imbalance causes irregular periods is the common belief. But one thing that no one tells you is, what causes hormonal imbalance...?

As per Ayurveda, toxins in the blood accumulated over the years due to faulty lifestyle increase acidity in the blood that causes hormonal imbalance leading to irregular periods cycles & flow.

20+ herbs in Gynoveda’s TULA Ayurvedic Pills purifies blood, eliminates toxins and restore natural periods on-time, every month without harmful contraceptives or hormonal pills.

Gynoveda TULA Ayurvedic Pills

Gynoveda Ayurvedic Tablets are 100% Ayurvedic with zero side-effects.

Abnormal White  Discharge & Intimate Itching

Women naturally get a healthy white discharge between 2 period cycles when they ovulate. But, they’re made to believe that white discharge is an intimate hygiene issue and she’s made to feel ashamed of it. 

Truth be told - if there’s excessive white discharge on many non-period days which is watery-thin, curdy, or thick-off white then it's a sign of an internal disorder and not an external hygiene issue. It can be easily treated with Ayurveda. 

IPSOS, the most reputed international market research company conducted an independent consumer study with Gynoveda customers and 88% consumers confirmed that SOMA Ayurvedic Pills removes abnormal white discharge and vaginal itching in just 60 days.It works equally well for  leukorrhea, candidiasis, yeast infection, pelvic inflammation disorders or PID. 

👊 Bid goodbye to pantyliners, intimate wash, harmful antibiotics and feel fresh, clean, dry, all day. 

☑ Customer Reviews

Gynoveda is now India’s most loved among lakhs of women to get freedom from period disorders especially PCOS. This has led to Gynoveda winning the award at Times Brand Icon 2021 as "India's Leading Ayurvedic Women Healthcare Brand".

⭐ Google Reviews of 4.7 rating from customers makes Gynoveda India's favorite company among 1 lakh women to treat their periods related symptoms.

📷 Video Reviews: Over 100+ women spoke candid on camera to record their reviews about Gynoveda products and also if it really worked for them. These Gynoveda videos reviews are publicly available online here

👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏻 Facebook Community Reviews: More than 10,000 women who are part of Facebook group Circle of Sisterhood independently published 1000+ personal case studies about how they tried numerous remedies for 10+ years before discovering Gynoveda that helped them treat the root cause of their chronic period disorders. 

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Gynoveda Periods Revolution

Gynoveda leading the period revolution in India. India is opening up topics which were otherwise considered a taboo or shameful to speak openly on camera. Be the change you want to see...!

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