Q. Does Ayurveda have a permanent cure for PCOD

Modern medicine enables women to control or manage their PCOD. Ayurveda, on the other hand has a permanent cure for PCOD. It is also the only medicine system in the world to be preventive as well as curative. The only factor is the length of treatment will vary depending on how chronic is the PCOD level and size of ovary.

Q. What makes Ayurveda so special

As mentioned earlier, Ayurveda is the only medicine system in the world to be preventive + curative. In addition, Ayurveda deeply focusses on the ‘Prakriti’ (constitution) of the person and accordingly recommends a complete treatment plan. That is why it is rightly said ‘Ayurveda cures the individual & not just the disease’

Q. What is the line of treatment followed in Ayurveda

Before we delve into what Ayurveda prescribes, let us look at what modern medicine does. Allopathic treatment of PCOD revolves around 2 medicines- One for Insulin Resistance(Metformin) & the second is Contraceptive Pills. Apart from this, there is nothing else recommended which as a results only manages PCOD at the surface level.

Ayurveda line of treatment involves the following:

  1. Ayurveda is the only system that cures PCOD through cyst dissolution. This is A UNIQUE line of treatment, followed only in Ayurveda. The best herbs such as Gandhari & Varuna are used for cyst dissolution.
  2. There is medication prescribed for ovulation support, which consists of all herbal formulations.
  3. There is medication for building up metabolism as that is the KEY in keeping all gynecological disorders away.

Q. Are there any side-effects of these medicines

There are zero side effects .These medicines are 100% natural & are herbal formulations developed with the right mix of the right type of healing herbs. The medicines can be considered as safe as similar to consuming food.

Q. How much time does it take on an average to cure PCOD

It takes anywhere between 3-6 months, depending on how chronic is the issue. 80% of the cases have been completely cured within 6 months of medication

Q. Why is the Ayurveda treatment slow than Allopathy or any other system

‘Slow & Steady wins the race’, you have heard this before. This same rule applies to Ayurveda as well. Other medicines can provide you instant relief but they only work on suppressing symptoms whereas Ayurveda takes care of the disorder from the roots. Ayurveda medicines take longer to cure, but they are also long-lasting. Once you get cured through Ayurveda, there is no chance of recurrence unless you have gone completely hay-wire with your eating habits & lifestyle. Which I am sure you wouldn’t do.

Q. Once I have started medicines, do my periods become regular?

This varies from case to case. In certain cases, the size of ovary becomes normal & then the period cycle gets regularized. In other cases, it is vice-versa. But in cases with irregular periods, almost 90% of them start seeing regular patterns in their period cycles.

Q. What is the difference between PCOS & PCOD

PCOD –If there is a menstrual disorder order accompanied with typical symptoms (weight gain, male pattern hair growth, pigmentation)

PCOS – There is no specific menstrual disorder, but there one typical symptom. For e.g, a woman only has male pattern hair growth on her face or anywhere on the body but menstrual disorder is absent

Q. Is surgery needed in PCOD

In certain cases, ovarian drilling is done which is unnecessary & also may cause harm to the stroma (connective tissue between the ovaries). Ayurveda does not recommend any surgery, irrespective of the size of the cysts. It recommends only non-invasive treatment and the cysts & ovaries are treated through the specific medications (refer to the question on line of treatment)

Is pregnancy the only cure?

While pregnancy is often cited as a natural cure, there are many women who may not be ready for a child. In such cases, if there is already a PCOD diagnosed then pregnancy cannot be cited as the only cure! DIET, DIET AND DIET along with exercise to keep your weight under check is the best treatment in case pregnancy isn’t an option. Nutritional and hormonal supplementation can also help immensely.

What to do if there is a family history of PCOS?

Stay healthy, manage your weight and diet, especially if there is a positive family history.

Does oral contraceptives reduce the chances of getting PCOD?

No, contraceptives & external hormonal pills are just not recommended.

Q Can I continue allopathic or any other treatment along with Ayurveda medicines?

If you are undergoing treatment for any other disorder through Allopathy , you may continue the same . However, no oral contraceptives & hormonal pills are allowed while you are on this medication.