Customers' love for Gynoveda is growing because it has impacted the lives of 600,000 women since it started in 2019. This has led to a 4.6⭐ star Google rating with 5000+ verified reviews. 

Analysing these reviews highlights following 10 reasons why customers love Gynoveda:

Product Works!

Customers who consumed Gynoveda products for 6-9 months as prescribed confirmed that it works as promised. Dissatisfied customers were mostly those who didn't follow the prescription and expected results in 1-2 months and discontinued earlier than prescribed.

100% Safe, Zero Side-effects

Customers said they trusted an online company like Gynoveda’s “Because its products are 100% Ayurvedic. Even if Ayurveda doesn’t benefit as promised, at least it will not harm. So it's worth trying for 6 months”.

FDA Certification further confirmed that it's approved by a government body and it can not be unsafe.

NBAL Certification ensures that products have undergone rigorous laboratory testing to check that its are free from toxin, metal, bacteria and any harmful ingredients.

Facebook Group

Before you buy Gynoveda, you’re allowed to join a women-only Facebook group called Circle of Sisterhood. This online group has 100,000+ members who are openly posting their experiences about Gynoveda after consuming their products for 6 months to 2 years. One can read thousands of posts & comments to understand honest feedback before making a purchase. Click Here to Join This Group


When customers compared Gynoveda products with other fancy products available online like gummies, protein powder or vitamins they found them to be expensive. 

But loyal customers who consumed their high quality ayurvedic medicine that treated their PCOS, infertility, irregular periods, pigmentation and similar chronic issues found their pricing to be quite reasonable when compared with expensive healthcare products prescribed by their local doctors. 

Replacements & Money-back Guarantee

Few reviews are from customers who were delivered wrong products. But when they reported this to the Gynoveda customer service team, they promptly replaced it at no extra cost. This makes their customer service awesome and keeps you in safe hands even if anything goes wrong while transacting with them.

Their money-back guarantee on fertility treatment gives you the peace of mind that you can return unused products as soon you conceive.

Doctor Consultation

After you place the order, a doctor is regularly in contact with you via phone to understand your health condition and guide you. They stay with you in this journey till the end. Ayurveda doctors at Gynoveda personalise your treatment plan to help you get best results. 

If you reside in Mumbai, now you can even consult these doctors face to face at their Clinic in Malad. To book an appointment, click here.

Awesome Customer Service

Over 1 lakh people from 4400 cities of India talk to Gynoveda customer support team every month to better understand their treatment options. If you have questions about how much medicine to take, how long to take it, or what to eat for the best results, their friendly experts are ready to assist.


Doctors also conducted weekly webinars where 700-800 women joined to share their stories live on camera. You can also ask the doctor team any questions and they’d answer openly during the webinar. Their transparency policy is the key reason for growing customer love. 


Gynoveda mission is to change the lives of 1 crore women by 2030. 

The company was started in 2019 by 3 co-founders because Ayurveda changed their lives and helped them live a healthy & happy life. They wanted others to benefit too. 

Vishal Gupta, Founder and CEO, suffered from psoriasis and Ayurveda helped him cure it. Rachana Gupta, co-founder and author of the book Happiness Ki Khoj knows period disorders to be one of the many reasons that affect women’s happiness and she wanted to overcome this challenge. Dr. Aarati Patil who is a rare Ayurveda Gynecologist committed her life to help lead a life free of any gynaecological disorders. 

To further Gynoveda's purpose, the team opened India's 1st Ayurveda Fertility Clinic in 2023. 

India's Top Investors

Reputed names in the investors fraternity of India share this vision of Gynoveda to make Ayurveda as a first choice for women’s health. 

Wipro, RPG, Fireside Ventures, India Alternative Funds and global investors back this noble mission with their investments not just for financial returns but also to make an impact in society to drive change.

Great Place To Work Certified

On one hand customers highly rated Gynoveda, on the other hand people working at the company were also rated highly on work ethics when surveyed by an independent 3rd party agency called Great Place To Work. This dedication by purpose-led team is why customers love Gynoveda.

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