Here's another story of Dr. Sakshi, a Gynoveda consumer

Dr. Sakshi Sharma, 31 years
- Dentist, Currently not working

Dr. Kunjan Sharma, 35 years
- Physician, Works at Reliance as an emergency physician

- Jamnagar ,Gujarat

Trying to conceive
- 9 yrs
Consuming Gynoveda
- Wife - 9 months
Medical History
- Delayed periods, 
- Less flow

The Story:

During her college years, Sakshi experienced frequent delays in her periods but didn't worry much about it. After getting married in 2014, she discovered in 2017 that she had PCOS, a condition she knew little about. Her doctor advised weight loss as the key to managing PCOS.

By 2018, Sakshi's weight had exceeded 80kg, and her periods were increasingly irregular, often resulting in minimal flow or just spotting. Seeking medical help, she visited a gynecologist in Delhi who recommended hormonal injections, but they failed to produce results. Disheartened, she stopped allopathic treatment.

One day, while browsing Facebook, Sakshi saw an ad for Gynoveda. Initially skeptical due to the prevalence of online scams, she watched all the videos and read the reviews. After discussing it with her supportive husband, she decided to give Gynoveda a try in 2021. She chose this Ayurvedic approach, hoping to avoid the side effects she had experienced with hormonal treatments.

Sakshi began her Gynoveda journey by taking Myrha Vamha for nine months, followed by Jeehv for six months, along with Iron Folic supplements. She soon noticed improvements, particularly in the regularity of her periods. Despite struggling to follow a strict diet, she never missed a dose of her medication. Additionally, she took Medohar for five months and managed to lose 4kg.

In November 2022, Sakshi got her last period and soon discovered she was pregnant. Her gynecologist confirmed that her PCOD was resolved. Sakshi enjoyed a smooth pregnancy and, on August 22, 2023, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Kridhaan Sharma.

Today, both Sakshi and her husband have complete faith in Gynoveda. Her husband now takes Gynoveda diabetes medicines, and Sakshi has enthusiastically recommended Gynoveda to many of her friends, grateful for the positive changes it brought to her life.

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