All Gynoveda products are 100% ayurvedic and it has zero side effects

Over 6 lakh customers have already consumed Gynoveda products and there's zero complaint reported in the last 2 years since the company started selling it's ayurvedic products online in 2019. 

5 things to know before you buy Gynoveda:

FDA Approved

All Gynoveda medicines are approved by Food & Drugs Administration of Ayurveda [FDA certified]. This certification is awarded to Gynoveda after stringent scrutinize of safety standards to formulate the Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines.

To seek FDA approval, Gynoveda's products manufacturer submitted extensive research papers to FDA department of over 100+ ayurvedic herbs to prove the benefits & efficacy of these herbs that treats gynecologically symptoms. 

GMP certificated

Ayurvedic Propriertary Medicine marketed by Gynoveda are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities equipped with automated machineries to ensure SAFETY, POTENCY, PURITY of its products. Based on this high quality standards, manufacturers are awarded with GMP certificates as called Good Manufacturing Practices. 

☑ Customer Reviews

⭐ Google Reviews of 4.6 rating from 5000+ customers making Gynoveda India's favorite company among 6 lakh women to treat their periods related symptoms.

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📷 Video Reviews: Over 100+ women spoke candid on camera to record their reviews about Gynoveda products and also if it really worked for them. These Gynoveda videos reviews are publicly available online here

Gynoveda PCOS Reviews

👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏻 Facebook Community Reviews: More than 10,000 women who are part of Facebook group Circle of Sisterhood independently published 1000+ personal case studies about how they tried numerous remedies for 10+ years before discovering Gynoveda that helped them treat the root cause of their chronic period disorders. 

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Honest Mission

Vishal Gupta, founder of Gynoveda suffered from lifestyle disorders for over a decade until Ayurveda offered permanent cure. During this journey he deeply studied Ayurveda and discovered Ayurveda has amazing remedies for PCOS, Irregular periods, Abnormal discharge, period pain and 20 such gynec issues.

Husband-wife duo, Rachana & Vishal Gupta started Gynoveda in 2019 with a dream to make Ayuveda as a #1 choice for healthy periods.

Since then over 6 lakh women have benefited from this nobel mission. This led to a leading venture capitalist of India Fireside Ventures invest millions of dollars to support this nobel cause that holds the promise to change lives of over 600 million women globally. 

Watch this amazing video conversation between Gynoveda & Fireside founders. 


Gynoveda Founders

Media Coverage

Gynoveda ~ Fireside shared mission is extensively covered in leading newspaper and magazines like Forbes, Economic Times, Times of India, Hindu, YourStory, Inc42, Business Standard, VCcircle.

Gynoveda News

IPSOS market research

IPSOS, the most reputed international market research company conducted an independent consumer study with 100s of Gynoveda customers and 88% confirmed that SOMA Ayurvedic Pills removes abnormal white discharge and vaginal itching in just 60 days. More such studies are being conducted on all Gynoveda products.  

Gynoveda IPSOS International Market Research

Gynecologist recommended

All Gynoveda products are science-backed ayurvedic formulations developed by team of highly qualified doctors & research scientist who have researched Ayurveda, Allopathy, Homeopathy for over 15 years before innovating Gynoveda Ayurvedic Tablets. 

Team of doctors led by Dr. Aarati Patil who's a rare Ayurveda gynecologist have personally tested these products on over 50000 women and highly recommends Gynoveda products after years of science based research. Her videos can be found on YouTube here

Gynoveda Videos

Gynoveda is a on a mission to solve period disorders by combining Content, Technology & Ayurveda.

 Is Gynoveda safe. Is Gynoveda good. Is Gynoveda effective. does gynoveda works. does really gynoveda works. And many such questions women ask before buying Gynoveda PCOS Ayurvedic Tablets.

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