Gynoveda PCOS Program is the perfect solution to treat the root cause of PCOS, PCOD. India’s top gynaecologists have designed these formulations, MYRAA & VAMAA, using the methods described in the ancient Ayurvedic scripture ‘Charak Samhita’, written 4000 years ago. 

Over 400,000 women have already used Gynoveda for PCOS and got complete freedom from it.

Gynoveda 3x Ayurvedic Program Includes

  1. PCOS Ayurvedic Medicines
  2. Gynoveda Diet Plan for Healthy Periods
  3. Doctor Consultation and Unlimited Support till PCOS is reversed


40+ Ayurvedic Herbs in Gynoveda medicine for PCOS helped women: 

  1. Get Freedom from PCOS PCOD
  2. Get natural periods on-time without harmful hormonal pills
  3. Balance hormones to regulate delayed, irregular periods
  4. Promote healthy period flow
  5. Reverse cysts in ovaries without painful surgery
  6. Help timely ovulation. Improve fertility
  7. Fight insulin resistance
  8. Reduce weight, acne, pigmentation
  9. Flush-out blood toxins (Ama)

Consumer Study

Women got these results when they followed Gynoveda PCOS 3X Ayurvedic Program:

  1. 89% women got natural periods within 60 days
  2. 72% women reduced weight within 90 days
  3. 60 women with severe PCOD conceived naturally

    Gynoveda PCOS Reviews

    ⭐ Google Reviews of 4.6 rating and 10500+ verified reviews by customers makes Gynoveda India's favorite Ayurvedic company among 6 lakh women to treat their PCOS, Irregular Periods, Pregnancy, White Discharge and other women's health disorders.

    📺 Gynoveda PCOS reviews on its YouTube channel have live videos where 100+ women spoke openly on camera to record their experience with Gynoveda products.

    Watch how Inderpreet’s PCOS cyst dissolved with Gynoveda PCOS Medicine

    Gynoveda PCOS Kit helped Sneha conceive naturally

    Who Should Take It

    Gynoveda PCOS products are recommended if you’re: 

    1. Medically diagnosed with PCOS, PCOD
    2. Delayed periods with less bleeding
    3. Unusual weight gain
    4. Facial hair growth, acne, pigmentation

      Product Details

      Gynoveda products are made with clinically tested Ayurvedic herbs grown in forests and villages of India. Gynoveda promises to source only the purest quality of herbs to ensure that the medicines are highly potent and give desired results to its consumers.

      Click here to read what customers revealed about Gynoveda Products.

      Are There Any Side Effects?

      Gynoveda PCOS medicines have zero side effects, are 100% ayurvedic and recommended by Gynecologists.

      Gynoveda medicines are FDA approved & GMP certified. The Food & Drugs Administration of Ayurveda awarded these certifications after stringent scrutiny by for safety standards followed to formulate ayurvedic medicines.

      Treatment Duration

      The recovery period varies based on severity of PCOS. 

      1. Mild PCOS  takes 6 months
      2. Moderate PCOS takes 9 months
      3. Severe PCOS takes 12 months

        It takes this long to treat the root cause of the problem as the Ayurvedic herbs gently flush-out the toxins in the blood (called Ama in Ayurveda) that cause hormonal imbalance in most period abnormalities. It may not be fast acting but its long-lasting solution to reverse PCOS PCOD.

        About Gynoveda

        Husband-wife duo Rachana & Vishal Gupta quit their high-paying corporate jobs to pursue their passion and partnered with a dream to make Ayurveda the world’s #1 choice for menstrual healthcare & wellness.

        In 2019, leading venture capitalist of India Fireside Ventures invested in Gynoveda to support this noble mission that holds the promise to change lives of over 600 million women globally. 

        “Women are blessed to have menstruation. It acts as a health dashboard for women and period abnormalities are a mere outward sign of deep seated internal disorder'' says Rachana Gupta, CoFounder of Gynoveda and author of the book Happiness Ki Khoj.

        Gynoveda Period Revolution

        Gynoveda is leading the period revolution in India. 

        Watch Shradha Sharma, Founder of YourStory in conversation with Kanwaljit Singh, Founder of Fireside Ventures, a leading investor venture capitalist of India about How Gynoveda can solve the World's Period Problems with Ayurveda? 

        Largest Community for PCOS

        100,000+ women who are part of Facebook group Circle of Sisterhood independently published 5,000+ personal case studies about how they tried numerous PCOS treatments for 10+ years before discovering Gynoveda Ayurvedic medicines that helped them treat the root cause of their PCOS and irregular periods. Join the Gynoveda facebook community today and take charge of their menstrual health