There are 5 ways to cross-check if Gynoveda really works: 

  1. Verified Google Reviews
  2. YouTube review videos by real customers
  3. Unfiltered comments in Facebook groups
  4. Clinical studies published in international journals
  5. Lab-tested & certified by government agencies 

I have independently validated each of these areas and here’s what I found:

1) Verified Google Reviews

Gynoveda Google Reviews rating is 4.6 stars

As of writing this report, Gynoveda has over 3,600 Google Reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars. These reviews are from real consumers who have sought service from Gynoveda or consumed its products. 

 Check out a few of the reviews I found online:

Gynoveda helped Shaswati treat her PCOS for better menstrual health


Gynoveda helped Shaswati treat her PCOS


Gynoveda helped Harpeet with her Liver health for better quality of life

Gynoveda helped Harpeet with her Liver Health


Gynoveda helped Divya conceive naturally within 6 months
Gynoveda helped Divya conceive naturally
Gynoveda helped Theressa achieve regular healthy periods in just 1 month
Gynoveda helped Theressa achieve regular healthy periods
Gynoveda helped Jahnavi treat her Hypothyridism
Gynoveda helped Jahnavi treat her Hypothyridism

Summary after looking at 3,700+ Gynoveda reviews on Google:

  • Women have found relief from PCOS by using PCOS/PCOD Tablets consistently for 6-12 months.
  • Those who took the medicine along with regular exercise and Gynovedic diet saw better results. 
  • Women taking their Ayurvedic Fertility Tablets conceived after continuing with the tablets for between a few weeks to 12 months. This is even in cases of infertility due to Hydrosalpinx (Blocked Fallopian Tube).
  • No one noticed any side effects after taking the tablets.
  • Women are strongly recommending Gynoveda for menstrual health (especially PCOS).


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2) YouTube Review Videos of Gynoveda by Real Customers

Gynoveda Review Videos on YouTube Channel

The Gynoveda YouTube Channel has 47,000 subscribers and 280+ videos.

As for the user review videos, you will find hundreds of videos of women who have used Gynoveda products. They shared their candid opinion and experience on camera and also provided personal recommendations.

Let’s take a look at some of these video reviews on Gynoveda and their products:

Chetna went from failed IVF to natural pregnancy with Gynoveda

In 2019, Chetna faced irregular periods. After a year of unsuccessful home remedies, she attempted IVF for conception. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage within 3 days of the pregnancy being confirmed. Turning to Ayurveda and Gynoveda due to their lack of side effects, she successfully conceived within 1.5 months of starting Gynoveda.

Watch her story here:

Anika achieved pregnancy after a 7-year struggle with PCOS

Despite having PCOS for 7 years, Anika aimed to conceive post-marriage. Following unsuccessful allopathic PCOS treatments, she discovered Gynoveda. Inspired by PCOS success stories through Ayurveda on YouTube, she chose Gynoveda. Within 10 months of starting the tablets, she conceived, and her baby boy is now nearly a year old.

Watch her story here:

Sharvari reviewed Gynoveda’s Iron and Folic Acid Tablets for her Anemia

When Sharavari started feeling weak with headaches, she took some tests. She found out she had Anemia and low haemoglobin due to Iron Folic deficiency. As she didn't want to take artificial and chemical-based supplements, she opted for Gynoveda’s Iron and Folic Acid Tablets. 

Watch her story here:

Miss Atti reviews Gynoveda’s PCOS Tablets

Atti visited her doctor due to a period delay, was diagnosed with PCOS via ultrasound. At first, she tried allopathic medicines but saw no real improvement. She then noticed a Gynoveda ad on Instagram but hesitated to try their tablets without consulting a doctor. After taking their period test, she was recommended their PCOS tablets. With this medicine, she experienced temporary digestive issues in the first 15 days. However, she soon observed improved digestion, reduced hair fall, and clearer skin. This convinced her to continue taking the tablets, believing they would help with her PCOS.

Watch her story here:

Summary after seeing tens of Gynoveda reviews on YouTube:

  • Women with PCOS and fertility issues are coming forward with stories of success in reversing PCOS and conceiving with Gynoveda
  • Women who have tried and failed with allopathic treatments are also seeing results. 
  • Independent reviews are also available online. 
  • Gynoveda seems to be liked by the women who are providing their individual reviews on the products. 


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3) Unfiltered Comments in Facebook Groups

Facebook is a great place to find unfiltered information about any topic under the sun. I found a dedicated Facebook group for those women who have tried Gynoveda products or are considering buying their products. This group is called Circle of Sisterhood and has 1 Lakh members who are quite active. This is the largest women-only Facebook group in the world to privately discuss menstrual and reproductive health. 

Let’s take a look at some of the posts & comments in the group:

Priya managed to conceive thanks to Gynoveda. Her baby boy turned 6 months old in August. 
Priya managed to conceive thanks to Gynoveda

Chhaya just announced that she has successfully conceived naturally with Gynoveda. 
Chhaya just announced that she has successfully conceived naturally with Gynoveda
Parama shared her journey to conceive with Ayurvedic Fertility Tablets 
Parama shared her journey to conceive with Ayurvedic Fertility Tablets

Summary after looking at the Facebook posts and comments:

  • Women seem to be very supportive and nonjudgmental, a surprise considering how harsh everyone seems to get online. 
  • Women in this group want to actively help others who have experienced the same problems/struggles they had. 
  • Women also come to the group for reassurance and support on their journey. 


Join Gynoveda’s Circle of Sisterhood today!

4) Clinical Studies Published in International Journals

Gynoveda’s website states that their products are backed by clinical studies that have been published in international journals. 

I looked into this claim and found the clinical studies published in European Journal Of Pharmaceutical And Medical Research. 

Clinical Study for Fertility

The 2023 European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research study with 149 participants found that taking Gynoveda’s Ayurvedic Fertility Tablets can help aid in timely ovulation while managing infertility caused by gynaecological disorders. 
“Result: A total of 127/149 (85.23%) participants reported achieving ovulation on time after consuming Gynoveda’s Ayurvedic Fertility tablets.”

Clinical Study for PCOS

The 2022 European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research study with 190 participants found that taking Gynoveda’s Ayurvedic medicine for PCOS was effective at regularizing periods, improving flow, and managing PCOS. 

“Result: A total of 137/190 participants (72.10%) reported of regular menstrual cycles at the end of 6 months.”

Clinical Study for White Discharge

The 2023 AYURLOG: NJ-RAS study with 120 participants found that taking Gynoveda’s medicine for white discharge was effective at providing a complete recovery from excessive discharge within 60 days. 

“Result: A total of 95/120 participants (79%) reported a complete recovery from excessive discharge and associated symptoms by the end of 60 days.” 


Summary after researching the clinical studies on Gynoveda products:

  • Fertility tablets has a success rate of 85.23% to help women achieve ovulation. 
  • PCOS tablets has a success rate of 72.01% to help regularize cycles in 6 months. 
  • White Discharge tablets has a success rate of 79% to help get rid of excessive discharge in 60 days. 
  • IPSOS market research White Discharge tablets’ success rate to be 88% at eliminating abnormal white discharge. 



5) Lab-Tested & Certified by Government Agencies 

To trust a brand, along with clinical proof, certification and third party tests are essential. 

Here are the five certifications earned by Gynoveda:

1. FDA Approved

FDA Approved

Gynoveda's medicines are approved by the FDA for Ayurvedic treatments. They proved that over 100 herbs in their products are safe and effective for women's health for this approval.

2. GMP Certified

GMP Certified

Gynoveda's Ayurvedic medicines are made in advanced facilities with automated machines for safety, potency, and purity. These high-quality standards earn them Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificates.

3. Ayush Certified

Ayush Certified

Gynoveda's products earn the Ayush-certified quality seal through third-party evaluation, ensuring they meet regulatory requirements, as drug manufacturers undergo this evaluation process.

4. NABL Certified

Gynoveda is NABL Certified

Gynoveda's NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certification signifies their products' rigorous lab testing, guaranteeing the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. Customers can trust in the precision of their offerings.

5. IPSOS Market Research

Gynoveda is IPSOS Certified

IPSOS is considered to be one of the most reputed international market research companies in the world. Their independent study with 100s of Gynoveda customers found 88% of women who took Gynoveda’s Ayurvedic Tablets for white discharge to eliminate abnormal white discharge and vaginal itching within 90 days. 

Summary after analysing Gynoveda’s certifications:

  • Gynoveda products are FDA-approved and GMP-certified.
  • The products are certified by the government authorities like Ayush and NABL.
  • IPSOS independent study found Gynoveda’s White Discharge tablets are as effective as claimed.


Conclusion: Does Gynoveda Really Work?

Yes, the evidence collected for this report indicates that Gynoveda is a brand that is focused on providing high-quality products that work as they claim.

This is backed by clinical studies published in international journals as well as government certifications. And as the cherry on top, the many video testimonials, Facebook posts and comments, as well as Google reviews by real users make one thing clear: Gynoveda works!

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