The biggest myth women are made to believe is that they can’t get pregnant if they have PCOS. 

But that’s not true…

Ayurveda not just has the permanent solution to get freedom from PCOS but helps to conceive naturally without any expensive yet harmful surgeries, chemical treatments that do not guarantee pregnancy in spite of spending a huge amount. 

Ayurvedic herbs flush out the toxins (Ama) from your ovaries to ensure timely ovulation for healthy egg growth and improve the chances of getting pregnant, naturally.

Here's Kinjal's inspiring journey from PCOS to Pregnancy

After being detected with PCOS, Kinjal was fed up with taking hormonal contraceptive pills to induce her periods. When she started consuming Gynoveda’s Myraa and Vamaa for PCOS, she started getting her periods on time. 

Within 3 months of following Gynoveda PCOS 3X Ayurvedic Program, Kinjal saw amazing changes. Not only did she get her periods on time, but her skin started glowing and she began losing weight. But most importantly she had conceived! Kinjal was elated when she gave birth to a baby boy. Her belief in Ayurveda and faith in Gynoveda PCOS Medicine helped her treat PCOS from the root cause.  

Gynoveda 3x Ayurvedic Program Includes:

  1. PCOS Ayurvedic Medicines
  2. Gynoveda Diet Plan for Healthy Periods
  3. Doctor Consultation and Unlimited Support till PCOS is reversed


40+ Ayurvedic Herbs in Gynoveda medicine for PCOS helped women: 

  1. Get Freedom from PCOS PCOD
  2. Get natural periods on-time without harmful hormonal pills
  3. Balance hormones to regulate delayed, irregular periods
  4. Promote healthy period flow
  5. Reverse cysts in ovaries without painful surgery
  6. Help timely ovulation. Improve fertility
  7. Fight insulin resistance
  8. Reduce weight, acne, pigmentation
  9. Flush-out blood toxins (Ama)

Consumer Study

Women got these results when they followed Gynoveda PCOS 3X Ayurvedic Program:

  1. 89% women got natural periods within 60 days
  2. 72% women reduced weight within 90 days
  3. 60 women with severe PCOD conceived naturally

Largest Community for PCOS

20,000+ women who are part of Facebook group Circle of Sisterhood independently published 3000+ personal case studies about how they tried numerous PCOS treatments for 10+ years before discovering Gynoveda Ayurvedic medicines that helped them treat the root cause of their PCOS and irregular periods. Join the Gynoveda facebook community today and take charge of their menstrual health.