Here's another story of Anushree, a Gynoveda consumer

Anushree Kekane , 31 years
- She runs online classes for Digital Marketing

Harshad Kekane - 34 years
- IT Engineer.
- Pune, Maharashtra 
Trying to conceive
- 3 years
Consuming Gynoveda
- Wife - 1 year
- Husband - 0
Medical History
- Miscarriage, 1
Treatment History
- Follicular Study
The Story:

Anushree got married in November 2017 and planned to have a baby soon after. However, she became increasingly depressed each month when her period arrived despite her efforts to conceive. She visited her local doctor, underwent a follicular study, and took injections that caused her body to react adversely. These hormonal treatments made her feel awful, describing it as "the worst feeling ever," and led to sleep loss and hair fall. Eventually, she conceived but sadly suffered a miscarriage, which left her deeply emotionally disturbed.

The miscarriage was so traumatic that she fell into severe depression, experiencing extreme stress and insomnia. One day, while scrolling through Instagram, she came across an ad for Gynoveda's Stress Relief and Sound Sleep Support products. After taking these products for two months, she noticed significant improvements—she started sleeping peacefully, and her stress levels decreased. She also began attending a yoga class.

Impressed by the results of the Gynoveda products, Anushree discussed with her husband the possibility of using Gynoveda for her fertility journey. Her husband supported the idea, saying, "Since it is Ayurvedic and will cause no side effects, you must take it. Even though it will take time, that's okay." She then stopped all allopathic medicines and began her fertility journey with Gynoveda. Anushree started taking Jeehv and Iron Folic for conception and continued Iron Folic during her pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby boy on her birthday, February 25, 2024.

Additionally, Anushree began taking Gynoveda's hair fall control tablets, and her hair fall subsided within 20-25 days. She ordered Karela Jamun for her father-in-law, who felt more energetic, and menopause tablets along with Calcium D3 for her mother, who experienced significant improvements. Her mother, previously troubled by sleepless nights, frequent urination, and hormonal changes, now enjoys sound sleep, stable health, and no side effects. At 50 years old, her mother is delighted with the results and is on her fifth bottle of menopausal support.

Anushree proudly calls herself a Gynoveda fan and has recommended the products to many relatives and friends. She believes that "Gynoveda medicines are a one-time investment that brings happiness," noting that they are far less expensive than IVF, IUI, or other allopathic treatments. She has spent minimal amounts on Gynoveda tablets.