Here's the story of Komal, a Gynoveda consumer.

Komal Priyadarshini
, 34 years
IT Analyst

Anshuman Mishra, 37 years
Business - Owns Book Shop
Trying to conceive
- 8 months
Consuming Gynoveda
- Wife - 8 months
Medical History
- Thyroid
- PCOS, 3 yrs
The Story:
Komal had been grappling with PCOD for several years despite maintaining a strict diet and exercise regimen. One day, while browsing Facebook, she stumbled upon Dr. Aarati Patil's video and noticed numerous positive Google reviews. Witnessing the struggles of women trying to conceive with PCOD, even after exhausting treatments like IUI/IVF, Komal decided not to take any chances. She opted to commence her fertility journey with Gynoveda, leveraging her medical background knowledge of the reproductive system and hormonal fluctuations.

Determined to give Gynoveda a fair chance, Komal committed to a year of dedicated adherence to the regimen, embracing Gynovedic diet, exercise, and consistent medication without fail. As she progressed with Gynoveda, she observed significant improvements: her periods regulated, acne vanished, and pigmentation due to PCOD reduced. Although both Komal and her husband had normal reports, Komal had PCOS with Thyroid.

After eight months of faithfully following the Gynoveda protocol, Komal joyously welcomed her beautiful baby girl, Devangya, in February 2024.

Trusting in Gynoveda's natural herbal medicines, Komal felt reassured in her decision. Now a contented mother of a 2.5-month-old daughter, she enthusiastically recommends Gynoveda to friends and relatives, emphasizing the value of investing in natural remedies over expensive treatments.
She advocates, "When you're willing to invest lakhs, why not try something that could potentially change your life? Give Gynoveda a chance."