Vaginal White Discharge is a sign of a healthy vagina. Every woman experiences white discharge, which is essential in keeping the vagina fertile and  lubricated. Vaginal discharge usually appears before or after the period cycle.

It becomes challenging when the discharge is abnormal and causes itching and discomfort in the intimate area. If these signs occur, you should not neglect them and treat the condition immediately. 


This Intimate Health Expert Shares Common/Uncommon Causes Of White Discharge

6 Causes Of White Vaginal Discharge:

  1. Normal functioning of the reproductive system -  Watery white discharge before/after periods is normal and is a sign of good period health
  2. Yeast Infections - Yeast infections, scientifically termed as Candidiasis, are a common cause of thick/white discharge. The discharge is similar to the texture of 'cottage cheese'. It smells and causes itching in intimate area. 
  3. Bacterial Vaginosis - Bacterial Vaginosis is usually a result of imbalance of the pH levels in the vagina. It is a bacterial infection which causes itching and a release of smelly/whitish grey discharge. 
  4. Hormone Pills/OCPs - Birth control pills or hormone pills impact hormonal balance which cause white discharge. 
  5. Pregnancy - White discharge is very common in pregnant women. The discharge is usually thick and creamy. 
  6. Sexually Transmitted Diseases/STDs - Sexually Transmitted Diseases like HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, AIDS, and Trichomonas usually leave a foul-smelling discharge which can range from creamy white to greenish in colour.  

Treat Abnormal White Discharge With Ayurveda Say Goodbye To Discomfort