Here is Anushree's journey with Gynoveda

Anushree Kekane
 , 31 years
- She runs online classes for Digital Marketing

Harshad Kekane - 34 years
- IT Engineer.
- Pune, Maharashtra 
Trying to conceive
- 3 years
Consuming Gynoveda
- Wife - 1 year
Medical History
- Miscarriage, 1
Treatment History
- Follicular Study
The Story:

Anushree, married in November 2017, hoped to conceive but faced recurring disappointment with each menstrual cycle, leading to depression. Seeking medical intervention, she underwent a distressing follicular study and endured injections with adverse effects, including disrupted sleep and hair loss. Although she eventually conceived, a subsequent miscarriage left her emotionally shattered.

Struggling with depression post-miscarriage, Anushree came across Gynoveda products- Stress Relief and Sound Sleep Support on Instagram. After two months of using these products, she experienced improved sleep quality and reduced stress, supplemented by yoga classes.

Impressed by the results, Anushree, with her husband's support, decided to explore Gynoveda further for her fertility journey. Embracing the Ayurvedic approach, she transitioned from allopathy medications to Gynoveda's Jeehv and Iron Folic supplements for conception, maintaining Iron Folic even during pregnancy. After a 12 months journey with Gynoveda she welcomed a baby boy on her birthday in 2024.

Additionally, Anushree addressed her hair fall issues using Gynoveda's hair fall control tablets, which showed noticeable improvement within 20-25 days. She also ordered Gynoveda's Karela Jamun for her father-in-law, boosting his energy levels, and menopause tablets along with Calcium D3 tablets for her mother. These supplements significantly alleviated her mother's menopausal symptoms, including sleep disturbances and hormonal fluctuations.

Pleased with her own and her family's experiences, Anushree enthusiastically endorsed Gynoveda to her relatives and friends, emphasizing its affordability and effectiveness compared to other fertility treatments. She firmly believes in the transformative power of Gynoveda's treatment, considering it a worthwhile investment in her family's well-being.