How is PCOS/PCOD & Pregnancy Related?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or simply referred to as PCOS is a condition developed in women of childbearing age. In this syndrome, 'string of cysts' are developed in the ovaries which results in delayed or irregular periods. The higher complications of PCOS/PCOD are infertility or difficulty to conceive

During ovulation- a part of the menstrual cycle, the mature egg is released from the ovary and can be fertilized by a sperm for the next 12 to 24 hours. For women suffering from PCOS/PCOD, enough hormones aren't produced by the body naturally and ovulation does not take place. Absence of ovulation results in formation of small cysts in the ovaries which produce the hormone- androgen or the male hormone. 

Can You Get Pregnant If You Are Diagnosed With PCOS/PCOD?

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant with PCOS/PCOD. Pregnancy complications in women with PCOS/PCOD can be completely avoided with ayurvedic supplements that treat the root cause of the condition. 

Due to hormonal imbalance, problems in pregnant women diagnosed with PCOS/PCOD arise. Gynoveda PCOS/PCOD Ayurvedic Pills treat this hormonal imbalance and guarantee timely ovulation. Depending on the condition, from mild PCOS/PCOD to severe PCOS/PCOD the treatment should be continued for 3 to 6 months. Women with severe PCOS/PCOD are diagnosed as infertile. Gynoveda Ayurvedic Pills reverse this infertility with the help of medicinal herbs. 

Here's how Sneha Finally conceived despite having PCOS:

Treatment For PCOS/PCOD:

Modern science doesn't not provide a safe treatment to reverse PCOS/PCOD permanently. Treatment like removing the cysts via surgery, taking hormone pills to treat hormonal imbalance, consuming period-inducing pills and finally, Oral Contraceptive Pills are prescribed by the doctors as a temporary treatment for PCOS. 

Only Ayurveda has a permanent and safe solution for PCOS/PCOD which is is dissolving the cysts in the ovaries with the help of medicinal herbs. Gynoveda, India's leading treatment for PCOS/PCOD also suggests consuming Vamaa & Myraa pills to treat the root cause of PCOS/PCOD. 

Myra Gynoveda and Vamaa gynoveda for pcos

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