What Is Gynoveda Period Test?

Check your period health with Gynoveda

Gynoveda Period Test, is a free online period test through which women can diagnose if they have PCOS/PCOD or no. Women simply have to answer a set of few questions which provide them sufficient information for self-diagnosis. 

How To Take Gynoveda Period Test?

  • Go to the link- Periods Health Check-up – Gynoveda
  • Start answering each question with maximum appropriateness and submit the answer
  • Next question will appear on your screen and complete the whole questionnaire by submitting all the answers 
  • At the end, Gynoveda's MenoBot will give you the results- whether your period health is normal or abnormal. 

Benefits of Gynoveda Period Test:

  • Self-diagnosis of PCOS/PCOD 
  • Free of cost 
  • Quick Results in no time
  • No more spending on expensive tests like sonography 
Periods Health Check-up – Gynoveda in 2 mins

    Remember, Gynoveda Period Test is Free Of Cost & Just Takes 5 Minutes