What Is PCOS?

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a medical condition faced by women of reproductive age wherein the normal function of the ovaries is disturbed due to over-production of the male hormone: 'androgen'. Due to this symptoms like hair loss, obesity and irregular or delayed periods are commonly seen. PCOS is hormonal disorder where the ovary forms follicular cysts. 

Early Symptoms of PCOS:

  • Heavy or scanty menstrual blood flow
  • Irregular, delayed or early periods cycle
  • Long or short periods duration
  • Abdomen pain
  • Abnormal weight gain
  • Acne, pigmentation or skin darkening
  • Excess hair growth like males
  • Infertility resulting in difficulty to get pregnant

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Available Treatment for PCOS:

Modern Medicine: 

Modern medicine like homeopathy and allopathy do not treat the root cause of PCOS but control the symptoms of PCOS. The treatment for PCOS in modern medicine is prolonged and the condition might reoccur as the root treatment is not provided. Modern medicine only provides treatment like consuming hormone pills which temporarily controls the hormonal changes in the body, consuming period-inducing pills which are effective enough for menstruation but in an unnatural method & finally, oral contraceptive pills which are used by women to prevent pregnancy. 

The cysts in the ovaries can also be surgically removed which is also a temporary fix for a condition which can reappear. 

Pro's & Con's Of Modern Medicine: 

  • Gives you a quick fix for PCOS
  • After consuming contraceptive pills for a week, you will menstruate
  • Even though the medicines work, the effect is temporary
  • Modern medicine does not treat the root cause of PCOS
  • It might trigger side effects 
  • The condition will reappear 
  • The treatment is prolonged
  • Unguaranteed results

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    Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS:

    Only Ayurveda has been able to find the root cause of PCOS that is poor metabolism and digestion. PCOS is also triggered by eating junk food, disturbed sleep cycle, lack of exercise and high stress levels. By making simple changes in your lifestyle, consuming ayurvedic supplements and exercising regularly, you are uprooting PCOS from your body naturally. 

    Attention: Remember that, not every medicine is a proven cure for PCOS and only claims to reverse PCOS permanently. 

    Pro's & Con's of Ayurvedic Medicine: 

    • Treats the root cause of PCOS
    • The treatment can last for 6 to 12 months depending on the severity of the condition
    • Ayurvedic treatment is 100% natural and safe 
    • The supplements usually are plant-based or herb-based 
    • Ayurvedic treatment does not trigger any side effects
    • Ayurvedic treatment permanently reverses PCOS
    • Ayurvedic supplements can be consumed with other prescribed  medicines
    • If you complete an ayurvedic course with the required diet and exercise, issues like infertility can also be resolved

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