Women often experience delayed/irregular periods mainly due to the hormonal imbalance triggered in the ovaries, a side-effect of poor metabolism and poor digestion. This hormonal imbalance, disturbs the normal function of the ovaries resulting in delayed/irregular periods. It is possible that you even might miss your periods for 2 to 4 months. 

Along with delayed/irregular periods other side effects of poor period health like abnormal white discharge which is watery/creamy/sticky in nature that causes intimate itching, growth in facial hair, scientifically known as hirsutism and unexplained weight gain and hair fall is seen. 

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How To Treat Abnormal White Discharge In Irregular/Delayed Periods?

  • Abnormal white discharge is a common side effect of irregular/delayed periods
  • White discharge can be treated by treating the root cause of delayed/irregular periods
  • Few home remedies help treat white discharge
  • Intimate wash and keeping the vaginal area clean also helps to reduce itching

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