The cause of delayed/irregular periods is hormonal imbalance. Faulty diet and lifestyle is the main reason behind poor metabolism and digestion. Undigested food releases harmful toxins in the bloodstream called as Ama in Ayurveda. These toxins get accumulated in the ovaries and disrupt their normal function of ovulation. The ovaries start over-producing the male hormone 'androgen' which affects period health and results in delayed/missed/late/irregular periods.

Many women try different home remedies to treat the problem of delayed/irregular menses. Drinking sugarcane juice, eating papaya or dates, ginger, drinking various concoctions and finally consuming Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCPs), hormone pills or period-inducing pills. These home remedies will only give you temporary relief. Prolonged use of OCPs can also lead to irreversible complications. 

Watch This Video To Know Why Home Remedies/OCPs Can't Treat Delayed/Irregular Periods:

 Why Do Home Remedies For Treating Irregular/Delayed Periods Fail?

  • Home remedies only treat the problem temporarily
  • The root cause of delayed/irregular periods is not treated
  • Metabolism and digestion is not improved 
  • Home remedies can cause side effects like bloating, indigestion, constipation
  • Home remedies do not stop the condition from reoccurring
  • Home remedies do not flush harmful blood toxins from the body

Finally A Solution Better Than Home Remedies To Treat Delayed/Irregular Periods

Choose Ayurveda Over Home Remedies & Say Goodbye To Delayed/Irregular Periods