Know all the common & uncommon symptoms of PCOS/PCOD by Gynoveda’s Most Experienced Gynaecologist, Dr. Aarati Patil.

Severe Abdominal Pain is an unusual symptom of PCOS or PCOD. It might be interesting to know that both PCOS/PCOD are the same disorder diagnosed as the same medical condition by gynaecologists.  Additional symptoms can include nausea, abdominal bloating, vomiting & painful bowel movements. 

The main causes of PCOS/PCOD are a faulty diet and lifestyle which leads to incomplete digestion of food. Early signs of PCOS/PCOD are delayed/irregular periods, increase in weight, and excessive hair fall. 

With a balanced diet, exercise and Gynoveda's added care, PCOS/PCOD can be permanently reversed. 

Watch this video and know the Ayurvedic treatment to treat the root cause of these symptoms. 

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