Vamaa gynoveda herbs to regulate delayed period

  • Is PCOS is a disease?
  • No, PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) is not a disease but a syndrome or disorder which can be treated with the help of Ayurveda. Allopathy, Homeopathy and other modern medicines do not provide a permanent treatment for PCOS. 
  • How safe is Gynoveda Vamaa?
  • Gynoveda Vamaa is 100% ayurvedic and infused with 26+ medicinal herbs which regulates the disturbed period cycle. 
  • Can I take Gynoveda Vamaa when I am on my periods?
  • Gynoveda Vamaa should not be consumed when you are on your periods. 
  • Should Myraa & Vamaa PCOS Ayurvedic pills be consumed together?
  • Yes for better results, Myraa & Vamaa PCOS Ayurvedic Pills should be consumed together. 
  •  Can I buy a single pack of Vamaa PCOS Pills? 
  • No, you cannot buy Vamaa PCOS Pills alone. You have to buy the Vamaa-Myraa PCOS Combo pack together. 
  • Can PCOS be revered permanently with Vamaa & Myraa PCOS Pills?
  • Yes, with the help of ayurvedic herbs, PCOS can be reversed permanently with Vamaa & Myraa PCOS Pills. 
  • How long does it take to recover from PCOS after starting Gynoveda PCOS treatment?
  • It takes at least 6 months to completely recover from PCOS in mild to moderate cases. An approximate span of 8 months is required to recover from severe PCOS. 
  • Are there any side effects of Vamaa?
  • No, as an universal rule no herbal or ayurvedic supplements trigger any side effects. 
  • Can I consume Myraa & Vamaa pills along with doctor prescribed medicines?
  • Yes, as these pills are ayurvedic, they can be consumed with other medicines. 
  • Should I continue with other PCOS medicine after starting Vamaa & Myraa PCOS pills?
  • No, all other medicines for PCOS including hormone pills, period-inducing pills, OCP's should immediately be stopped after starting with Gynoveda PCOS/PCOD treatment. 
  • Should I follow a specific diet after starting this treatment?
  • Cut down on meat and dairy consumption and make sure your portions are controlled. A balanced sleep cycle and exercise for thirty minutes everyday will fasten the process and give you better results. For more information on PCOS diet, Download the free PCOS Diet E-book
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