What Is Gynoveda 3X PCOS/PCOD Program?

Gynoveda 3X PCOS/PCOD Program includes:

1. Gynoveda Diet 

2. Ayurvedic Pills formulated with 26 medicinal herbs

3. Doctor Support 

Gynoveda 3X Program is an ultimate solution curated by India's top gynecologists and period health experts to treat PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). PCOS is also known as PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder). In this program, women suffering from PCOS are promised a guaranteed relief from PCOS by using the power of Ayurveda to treat the root cause of PCOS. 

Myra Gynoveda for pcos - Ayush Ministry Approved

How does the 3X Program work?

Gynoveda PCOS Diet, if followed with total dedication will fasten the process of dissolving cysts in the ovary and helps you to reverse PCOS permanently. 

PCOS Vamaa & Myraa Ayurvedic pills by Gynoveda, work in combination to control the formation of cysts in the ovaries and resetting period health to ensure you get your periods every month, naturally. 

If any questions arise, you can directly connect with the doctors at Gynoveda, and clear all your doubts. 

Why Choose Gynoveda PCOS/PCOD 3X Program?

  • Permanently Reverses PCOS/PCOD Permanently
  • Helps To Treat The Root Cause Of Hair fall, Weight Gain & Hirsutism (Growth In Facial Hair)
  • Improves Metabolism & Immunity 
  • Helps To Reverse Infertility & Helps In Conceiving
  • Ayurvedic Herbs Flush Out Harmful Toxins From The Body

Dr. Aarati Patil On Gynoveda's PCOD/PCOS 3X Program:

Is Gynoveda 3X Program Safe?

Gynoveda zero side effects certified

Gynoveda PCOS program is recommended by Gynecologists and is 100% Ayurvedic with zero side effects. More than 30,000 women have joined the Gynoveda 3X program and have successfully regulated their period health. 

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