How To Treat The White Discharge Problem? Best Solution Revealed!


White discharge or egg white vaginal fluid is a normal sign of good vaginal health. This discharge flushes out harmful toxins from the vagina and keeps the pH balance of the vagina maintained. Abnormal white discharge should not be ignored as it causes discomfort and itching in intimate area and smells. This discharge if not treated in time can causes bacterial or fungal infections

To steer clear of abnormal white discharge, make sure you keep your intimate hygiene in check. Poor intimate hygiene is one of the leading causes of abnormal white discharge. The problem of white discharge can only be treated with Ayurveda as homeopathic and allopathic medicines give temporary relief from the condition. 

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 White Discharge Problem - What Can You Do?

  • Take care of intimate hygiene
  • For mild cases of abnormal white discharge, antibiotics can cure the problem
  • For moderate to severe cases, use ayurvedic medicines to treat abnormal white discharge permanently
  • Intimate wash and anti-bacterial ointments, can give fast relief but the condition will reoccur if the rate of abnormality is too high
  • Get a pregnancy test done 
  • Get checked for Sexually Transmitted Diseases if the discharge is foul-smelling and greenish in color

Treat Abnormal White Discharge With Medicinal Ayurvedic Herbs



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