Why Are Your Periods Delayed?

Women often experience delayed/irregular periods mainly due to the Ama (sticky toxins), a side-effect of poor metabolism and poor digestion. Due to the Ama, which disturbs the normal function of the ovaries resulting in delayed/irregular periods. It is possible that you might even miss your periods for 2 to 4 months.

Watch This Video To Know The Science Behind Delayed Periods:

Normal v/s Abnormal Delayed/Irregular Periods:

The most common causes of delayed/irregular periods are as follows:

  1. Increased stress levels
  2. Increase in weight
  3. Decrease in weight
  4. Thyroid
  5. Other chronic diseases
  6. Birth control 
  8. Pregnancy 

Although, the above mentioned causes of delayed/irregular periods are common they are absolutely normal. 

When Should You Worry?
  1. Your periods are frequently delayed/irregular
  2. Delayed periods and unexplained weight gain
  3. Hair fall and skin break-out
  4. Missed/Stopped periods but not pregnant
  5. Constant bloating and constipation
  6. Abdominal pain during periods

    If you are seeing the above signs, you should immediately visit your gynecologist and get tested for PCOS/PCOD. If you ignore the above signs, it may develop into severe complications like difficulty in conceiving, miscarriage, or even infertility

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