Vaginal White Discharge is most common in the female reproductive system. It helps in fertilizing and releases less amount of discharge in transparent mucus form. This discharge is odourless, does not cause any irritation or itching. 

 But if the vaginal discharge has a thick white curdy texture or a foul smell, then it is an Abnormal White Discharge. It is a result of increased inflammation caused by vaginal hormone imbalance & infections. Severe abnormality can cause intense itching, leading to vaginal infections. 


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  • Red/Faint Brown - Cause of irregular/delayed periods 
  • Thick/White/Creamy - Result of yeast/bacterial infections which causes intense itching
  • Gray/Yellow With Foul/Fishy Odor - Cause of Bacterial Vaginosis along with symptoms like redness/inflammation/swelling in the vaginal area 
  • Frothy Yellow/Greenish that Smells - Result of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
  • Pink - Aftereffect of childbirth

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