What Is Gynoveda? 

Gynoveda- Ayurveda for Healthy Periods is a women's wellness brand which caters to the women of India suffering from problems like PCOS/PCOD, irregular/delayed periods, abnormal white discharge, period heavy flow, and intimate itching. Along with these Gynoveda also supplies supplements for women who want to detoxify their body or experience a boost in immunity.  

Benefits of Using Gynoveda Products:

Gynoveda Products are GMP Certified, FDA Approved, Tested in Laboratory for Purity and Safety and Recommended by Gynecologists

As an universal rule, all ayurvedic and herbal supplements are safe to consume with other prescribed medicines and do not trigger any side effects

Difference Between Gynoveda & Other Brand Products:


  • Gynoveda products have 0 side effects as compared to other brand products 
  • All products at Gynoveda are formulated with ayurvedic herbs which are 100% natural and free from toxic chemicals- a feature absent in modern medicine
  • Gynoveda treats the root cause of the disorder and reverses it permanently as compared to antibiotics which give quick results but only treat the problem temporarily
  • All products at Gynoveda are 100% plant-based and can be consumed with other doctor prescribed medicines
  • Gynoveda also provides unlimited chat support to quickly resolve the queries of the customer
  • A free monthly consultation call can be initiated by the customer to talk to the ayurvedic gynecologists at Gynoveda

Difference In Price & Contents of Gynoveda & Other Brand Products:

  • Even though the products sold by Gynoveda are high-priced, they guarantee a permanent relief from problems like PCOS/PCOD, irregular periods, heavy period flow, intimate itching and abnormal white discharge causing discomfort in intimate area. 
  • All the pills are formulated only with 100% ayurvedic and natural medicinal herbs, which contain no harmful chemicals or toxins that might trigger side effects. 
  • The weight of one pill is comparatively greater as compared to other brands. 
  • The number of pills is also greater as compared to pills in other brand bottles.

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