What Causes PCOS/PCOD?

According to Ayurveda the main causes of PCOS/PCOD are a faulty diet, sedentary lifestyle and stress. You must know that both PCOS and PCOD are the same medical condition diagnosed by gynecologists. The root causes of PCOS/PCOD are as follows:

  • Metabolism or digestive power (Pitta) plays the most important role in converting any food we eat in to nutritional juices.

  • Weak metabolism reduces our ability to properly digest food resulting in undigested food matter, a sticky mucus-like substance called ‘AMA’ which is highly toxic in nature.

  • AMA mixes with blood and reaches ovaries where female eggs are produced every month.

  • When AMA comes in contact with hyper-sensitive female eggs, it disturbs its natural growth process called Ovulation and these immature eggs gets trapped in to ovaries and develop in multiple cysts or medically stated as Poly Cysts in Ovaries. 

    What Are The Symptoms of PCOS/PCOD?

    The initial symptoms of PCOS/PCOD that are usually seen are heavy or scanty menstrual blood flow, spotting during periods, irregular/delayed/early period cycle, long or short period duration, pain in the abdomen, and abnormal white discharge.

    What Are Side Effects Of PCOS/PCOD?

    If PCOS/PCOD is not treated in time, it leads to other complications such as abnormal weight gain, excessive hair fall, skin acne, skin pigmentation or darkening, Hirsutism (Uncontrolled growth in facial hair), infertility resulting in difficulty to conceive.

    Ayurveda Treatment for PCOS/PCOD:

    Ayurveda has discovered the proven cure for PCOS/PCOD by using 100% natural Ayurvedic herbs which can permanently reverse PCOS/PCOD without going under the knife or worsening the situation by consuming Oral Contraceptive Pills. 

    Ayurveda treats the root cause of PCOS/PCOD by detoxifying AMA and dissolving cysts in the ovary. Ayurveda also strengthens metabolism and boosts immunity. With the power of medicinal herbs, the function of the ovary is improved which helps in regulating ovulation. Overall hormonal imbalance is restored and a natural way for ovulation is paved. 

     Experience Freedom From PCOS/PCOD Today