PCOS & PCOD are two medical terms given to a somewhat similar diagnosis which show the same symptoms but is minutely different. Medically, PCOS is the more acceptable term than PCOD. Women of childbearing age have either PCOS or PCOD as diagnosed by their gynaecologist. Let us now understand, what is PCOS & PCOD and how are they different from each other. 

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Differences/Similarities Between PCOS & PCOD:

  • In both PCOS & PCOD, similar early signs can be seen which are irregular/delayed periods, skin pigmentation and acne, unexplained increase in weight especially in the abdomen, hair loss and hirsutism. 
  • Both PCOS & PCOD block the normal function of the ovary which is ovulation leading to menstruation. 
  • The severe consequences of both these medical disorders is infertility or inability to conceive
  • Both of these conditions cannot be treated with modern medicine or allopathy/homeopathy. 
  • To reverse PCOS & PCOD permanently only ayurvedic treatment gives the best results, as it treats the root cause of the condition.  

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Common PCOS/PCOD Concerns You Need To Watch Out For:

One of the most common mistakes women with PCOS/PCOD make is they rely on Hormonal Pills/OCPs which is usually recommended by their gynecologists to get their menstrual cycle restored. However, in doing so they're doing more harm than good. 

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