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Gynoveda Tula - Periods on every month
  • What is Gynoveda Tula?
  • Gynoveda Tula Tablets are Ayurvedic pills which are a proven cure to treat the root cause of delayed/irregular periods that is poor metabolism. 
  • Who should consume Gynoveda Tula Pills? 
  • Gynoveda Tula Pills should be consumed by those women who are experiencing delayed/late/irregular periods. 
  • Are irregular/delayed periods normal?
  • No, irregular/delayed periods is not normal. If your period cycle is disturbed and you miss your periods, this is a red flag that you should not ignore. Period health is solely dependent on period gap. You must get your periods after every 28-31 days, if not, you must consider treatment. 
  • If my periods are delayed by 2-3 months every time, is this a sign of PCOS? 
  • Yes, initial signs of PCOS includes delayed/irregular periods which is often ignored by many women. Multiple cysts are formed in the ovaries which block the natural functioning of the ovary, further resulting in disturbed period health. Regulate your period cycle, by treating the root cause of delayed/irregular periods if you are seeing these early signs of PCOS.
  • What are the benefits of consuming Gynoveda Tula Pills?
  • Gynoveda Tula Pills, help you to reset your period cycle to 28-31 days with the power of 26 ayurvedic medicinal herbs. Improved digestion, also helps in boosting metabolism thereby fighting the root cause of delayed/irregular periods. Tula also helps you to stay energetic and restores overall health. 
  • Are there any side effects of Tula?
  • No, since Gynoveda Tula Pills for irregular/delayed periods are formulated with 26 medicinal herbs, they are all natural and 100% ayurvedic, which means that they have no side effects. All products of Gynoveda are FDA approved and medically tested.
  • For how long should I consume Tula?
  • In Mild to Moderate cases, 90 days consumption is recommended and In Moderate to Severe cases, 180 days consumption is recommended.
  • After starting with Tula treatment, I got my period on-time, should I discontinue the treatment?  
  • No. Take a note that if Tula treatment is abruptly discontinued, the problem might reoccur. Take Tula tablets for at least 3 months and record if you get your periods after a span of 28-31 days, every month. 
  • Should I take hormone pills/period-inducing pills after I start with Tula treatment?
  • You should discontinue consuming hormone pills/period-inducing pills as they might trigger side effects. 
  • Can I consume Tula pills along with the medicines prescribed by Doctor? 
  • Yes, as Tula pills are ayurvedic, they can be taken with other prescribed medicines. 
  • Should I take Tula pills while I am on my periods?
  • No, you should not consume Tula pills while you are on your period. Once you stop menstruating, you can continue consuming the pills. 
  • Should I follow a specific diet after starting the treatment?
  • Make sure that you don't eat food items which might trigger inflammation in your body or are difficult to digest. Foods like meat and dairy should be consumed in a limited proportion. Increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables which boost metabolism. Sleep for 7-8 hours daily and exercise for 30 minutes everyday.
  • Will Tula Ayurvedic Pills regulate my periods permanently?
  • Yes, if you follow a balanced diet, maintain a healthy sleep cycle and continue taking Tula Ayurvedic pills for 3 months, it will regulate your periods permanently. 
  • Are Gynoveda Tula Pills certified?
  • Yes, Gynoveda Tula Pills are certified by FDA, GMP & Laboratory tested for purity and safety. 
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