What Is Gynoveda Period Test?

Check your period health with Gynoveda

Gynoveda period test, helps women to self-diagnose PCOS/PCOD for free. By answering a few simple questions women can instantly check if they have a normal or abnormal period health. Gynoveda's MenoBot helps women to understand the early signs and symptoms of PCOS/PCOD and alerts women to start taking immediate precautions. 

Gynoveda Period Test v/s Sonography:

Gynoveda Period test is an online questionnaire, free for every women that assists women to understand their period health. Tests like sonography, give visuals of the PCOS/PCOD cysts if they are present in the ovaries. Usually, women after visiting their gynecologist for consultation regarding irregular/delayed periods are advised to get a sonography done. But, Gynoveda period test asks exactly the same questions, determined by the symptoms seen by women who think they have PCOS/PCOD. 

Sonography, visit to gynecologists, further medical examinations and medicines may sometimes be very expensive but this expense can be completely eliminated by taking the Gynoveda period test. 

Benefits of Gynoveda Period Test:

  • Self-diagnosis of PCOS/PCOD 
  • Free of cost 
  • Quick Results in no time
  • No more spending on expensive tests

Periods Health Check-up – Gynoveda in 2 mins

    Remember, Gynoveda Period Test is Free Of Cost & Just Takes 5 Minutes