Delayed/irregular periods are a common problem experienced by women and their side effects can range from being mild to severe. The issue of delayed/irregular periods can solve easily by treating the condition in the initial phase. If this problem is ignored, it can result in severe complications which can be irreversible.

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Mild & Severe Side Effects of Delayed/Irregular Periods:

The common side effects of delayed/irregular side effects are mentioned below. These side effects are mild in nature, but if not treated in time, they can develop and trigger serious complications. 

  • Heavy period flow/bleeding during periods
  • Scanty flow during periods 
  • Intense abdominal pain during periods and cramps
  • Nauseating feeling accompanied by vomiting
  • Spotting during periods

When these early signs or side effects of delayed/irregular periods are ignored, they develop and become difficult to treat. The following are the severe side effects of delayed/irregular periods:

  • Difficulty to conceive
  • Miscarriage
  • Infertility

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