Many women experience delayed/irregular periods which is the first sign of disturbed period health. Often, a delay in periods is caused due to poor metabolism and digestion which is the foremost reason of abnormal period health as laid down by Ayurveda. Due to overproduction of Ama, which in scientific term is called as Sticky Toxins

Watch This Video To Know The Root Cause Of Delayed/Irregular Periods:

Top Reasons of Delayed/Irregular Periods:

  • Poor metabolism, poor digestion 
  • Hormonal Imbalance 
  • Overproduction of the hormone 'androgen' 
  • Faulty Lifestyle  
  • Increased Stress
  • Pregnancy 

     Treatment For Delayed/Irregular Periods: 

    Neither Homeopathy nor Allopathy offers a permanent solution to treat delayed/irregular periods but Ayurveda does. Hormone pills, period-inducing pills or Oral Contraceptive pills (OCPs), cause forced ovulation which can cause major complications in the long run. It is not advised to use OCPs or hormone pills for a prolonged time. Switch to a safe & natural remedy to treat delayed/irregular periods and take control of your period health. 


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