Food Chart For PCOS:

The food that you eat can either provide healthy fibers and nutrients or might deposit harmful toxins in your body. These harmful toxins suppress digestion and metabolism which is the leading cause of PCOS. 

Things To Eat Avoid In PCOS:


PCOS Food Myths Debunked:


Myth 1: I Hate Carbs! 

Our body needs carbohydrates to function well and this can be easily done by choosing between healthy and harmful carbohydrates. For example, a bowl of Mac & Cheese is loaded with inflammatory ingredients, gluten and produces harmful toxins in the body while a bowl of Quinoa is a good source of magnesium and protein fibers. 

Myth 2: All Dairy, Is Bad Dairy In PCOS

Dairy sure is the the reason for inflammation in many women in PCOS. Preventing dairy completely can sometimes be difficult but you can consume dairy in limited amount. 

Myth 3: I Cannot Eat Junk Food Ever Again!

Control the portion of your meals and you are good to go. Do not forget, poor food habits can trigger inflammation in PCOS. 

Myth 4: Its The Fat That I Have To Eliminate!

Just like carbohydrates, the right fats for your body are important for its functioning. The wrong fats are difficult to digest in the stomach bag, which increases weight and must be eliminated completely from the diet. 

Myth 5: You Cannot Eat Any Fruits

Often people tend to follow diet regulations which aren't backed up by scientific facts. Fruits are a good source of important vitamins and proteins needed for the body. Food with a skin can be devoured without any guilt. Pineapples and watermelons also can be included in your diet. Fruits containing carbohydrates, should be consumed at fixed intervals, following portion control. 

What is Gynoveda's Ultimate PCOS Diet Plan?


A team of India's top ayurvedic gynecologists at Gynoveda have formulated an easy diet plan for women suffering from PCOS and eventually help them to lose unwanted weight in PCOS. 

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