Did you know that there are more than 5-7 different types of salts available. 

Of these 3 widely known salts are: 

  1. Iodized Salt most popular and widely available is derived from sea water
  2. Himalayan Salt known as Kala Namak
  3. Rock Salt known as Sendha Namak

Even though iodized salt is the most popular, it's the WORST option.

Whereas Rock Salt is the BEST and should be your first choice.

Himalayan salt is your second choice. But the taste of it can be distinctively different and significantly change the taste of cooked food. 

Why is iodized salt bad choice?

Because excessive iodine intake triggers high release of thyroxine hormone from thyroid gland leading to a condition known as hyperthyroidism or Thyroid.

Several studies suggests that hyperthyroidism has strong linkages to female infertility. 

Iodized salt made from sea water is popularized as it is available in abundance from sea at almost zero cost except for the cost incurred to refine & advertise it.

And you know what...? 

Plant-based food, cereals, dals and vegetables are packed with natural sources of iodine enough to maintain the right dietary intake of iodine. This makes 99.9 percent of Indians on vegetarian diet safely iodine sufficient. And we're no way iodine deficient. It means that we don’t need extra iodized salt as per fear mongering spread through television advertisements.

So, if we consume extra iodized sea salt then we are pumping unwanted iodine into our bodies, far exceeding the recommended daily allowance (RDA). This unknowingly leads to health disorders. 

Use only natural sources of iodine in the form of ROCK SALT extracted from underground salt mines. 

Stay away from salts with labels stating - Refined or Iodized

Also remember

  1. Even though rock salt is a healthier alternative but salt of any type in excess is bad. Moderation is the key.
  2. Best to mix salt at the time of cooking as it reduces its harmful effects. 
  3. Avoid sprinkling salt on your food
  4. Cut down on salty snacks or anything that increases salty food intake

Home remedy for hyperthyroidism & infertility

Consume one spoon of fresh green coriander chutney, mix it with warm water and drink daily once on an empty stomach.