Yeast Infections, scientifically called as Vaginal Candidiasis are bacterial or fungal infections that cause abnormal white discharge, itching, inflammation in intimate area. These infections very common and every women at least suffers from 3-4 times during her entire lifetime. 

Yeast Infections should be treated immediately as they can disturb the vaginal flora. This can cause unwanted discomfort in intimate area and uncontrollable itching. Complicated yeast infections are difficult to treat with antibiotics and the condition reappears after a few days. Only Ayurveda can treat the root cause of Yeast Infections and regulate vaginal health.

Early symptoms of vaginal yeast infections should not be ignored as they can lead to irreversible health conditions. Treat Yeast Infection with Ayurveda. 

Watch This Video To Know Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infection

Alarming Signs Of Severe Yeast Infections:

  • Uncontrollable itching, inflammation and burning in vaginal area which doesn't stop after antibiotics. 
  • Intense burning sensation while peeing
  • The sensitive vaginal lining cracks/tears and bleeds
  • Swelling of the vulva or vagina
  • Extensive abnormal discharge 
  • Frequent occurrence of yeast infections

Treat Vaginal yeast Infections Naturally With The Help of Ayurveda