A decent amount of Vaginal White Discharge is natural and necessary to keep the vagina healthy. This vaginal fluid is transparent mucus, odourless and watery which keeps the vaginal area lubricated. Normal vaginal discharge can be seen before/after menstruation, during pregnancy, and after sexual intercourse. 

When the vaginal discharge smells, its colour/texture changes, causing irritation, redness, pain and discomfort in the intimate area, it is time that you should get it treated. These are the early symptoms of inflammation caused by hormonal imbalance or vaginal infections

Know All The Symptoms Of Abnormal White Discharge From Intimate Health Specialist

Abnormal Symptoms Of White Discharge:

  1. Sudden increase in the amount of white discharge
  2. Discharge that is different in texture like creamy/thick/frothy and has a greenish/yellow colour
  3. Discharge that causes itching and discomfort in vaginal area
  4. Discharge that smells and has a foul odour
  5. Burning sensation in the vagina
  6. Redness and swelling of the vagina 
  7. Pain during sexual intercourse
  8. Pain while peeing
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