What is Bilateral PCOS/PCOD?

First and foremost, let us understand that Bilateral PCOS & Bilateral PCOD are the same condition that affect the ovaries in females. Ovaries in women carry out the natural function of releasing an egg every month which leads to ovulation and menstruation. The left and the right ovary release an egg every month alternatively which secrete the hormone 'androgen' in minute quantities. In Bilateral PCOS, both of these ovaries develop cysts due to the overproduction of the male hormone 'androgen' which further results in delayed/irregular periods. 

What are the Causes of Bilateral PCOS/PCOD?

  • Overproduction of the male hormone 'androgen'
  • Formation of cysts in left and right ovaries
  • Poor metabolism and digestion
  • Secretion of highly toxic 'Ama' in the blood stream that forms cysts
  • Poor lifestyle 
  • Obesity, Lack of exercise & inactivity 
  • Overconsumption of food which is difficult to digest like meat, dairy 
  • Disturbed sleep cycle 
  • Increase in stress levels 

What are the Early Signs & Symptoms of Bilateral PCOS/PCOD? 

  • Irregular/Delayed periods 
  • Intense cramps and clotting during menstruation 
  • Excessive hair fall 
  • Unexplained weight gain 
  • Hirsutism or growth in facial hair
  • Abnormal white discharge which is creamy/watery in texture and smells 
  • Itching in intimate area due to poor vaginal health
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Painful bowel movement
  • Severe symptoms of bilateral PCOS/PCOD also include inability to conceive or infertility

What is the Recommended Treatment For Bilateral PCOS/PCOD?

Bilateral PCOS/PCOD can be treated with Ayurveda. Modern medicine fails to treat the root cause of Bilateral PCOS/PCOD. Allopathic and Homeopathic treatment only controls the symptoms of bilateral PCOS and gives quick results which is temporary in nature. Hormone pills, period-inducing pills and oral contraceptives also give a quick fix for the condition but the condition persistently reoccurs. Prolonged use of contraceptives can also lead to cancer

It is advised that ayurvedic treatment for treating bilateral PCOS/PCOD is 100% effective and treats the root cause of the condition. Due to its natural composition of medicinal herbs, ayurvedic supplements do not trigger any side effects and can be consumed with other prescribed medicines.  

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