Women are made to believe that PCOS or PCOD is a universal phenomenon in the modern age and one should learn to live with it. 

But the truth is, PCOS is a lifestyle disorder and it can be treated. 

When you visit a local doctor, your mind is conditioned to believe that it's a common phenomenon to not get your periods on time in PCOS. You’re prescribed to consume harmful contraceptives & hormonal pills to get natural periods on-time, every month. 

But the truth is, even though you end up getting your periods on time with these hormonal contraceptives, it has major side effects when consumed for a long time. These pills are fast acting but it's not a long lasting solution. 

These pills act fast because they induce periods by supplying artificial hormones from outside in the form of chemical driven pills. You continue to get periods regularly till the time you continue consuming these pills. But once you stop the irregular periods pattern reoccur. 

It's the function of the women's reproductive system to naturally produce two hormones - estrogen & progesterone responsible to get natural periods on time, every month. 

This is where Ayurvedic herbs like Kanchar, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Manjistha, Dashmool, Methi, Neem, Karela wins over harmful hormonal pills. These herbs gently purify your toxins in your blood which causes hormone imbalance. Once the acidity of your blood depletes by flushing out sticky toxins called AMA in Ayurveda, your ovaries resume normal function and secretes hormones that support natural periods on time every month. 

As it is difficult to find the right quality of these herbs, Gynoveda formulated PCOS Ayurvedic Tablets that contain the right combination of 40+ herbs to help gain Freedom from PCOS, PCOD. These tablets are 100% natural, FDA approved, GMP certified and have zero side effects. 

It’s also easy to consume. Just pop two ayurvedic pills after waking-up and just before bedtime every day for a minimum 6 months for desired results. 

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It's time to bust the myths around PCOS. Don’t manage the problem. Get rid of it. Ayurveda shows us the way to gain Freedom from PCOS.