PCOS symptoms and treatment time differs from person-to-person because of one simple reason - How severe is your PCOS

 And how do you check how severe your PCOS is? 

 There are 2 ways of doing that: 

  1. Read this chapter carefully


  2. Take Gynoveda’s PCOS Severity Test. It’s online, takes 2 minutes and it's free.

Okay. Let's quickly understand the severity without taking the test. 

3 severity types of PCOS


You’re PCOS is mild if you’ve any 1 of these: 

  1. Suffering from PCOS for less than 6 months

  2. Periods are delayed by just 1 week

  3. Ovary size is upto 10-15 cc /ml [Check your medical report for this]


You’re PCOS is moderate if you’ve any 1 of these: 

  1. Suffering from PCOS for 6-12 months

  2. Periods are delayed by 2-3 weeks

  3. Ovary size is More than 10-15 cc /ml


If you’ve any one of these symptoms, you’ve severe PCOS: 

  1. Suffering from PCOS for more than 1 year

  2. Periods are delayed by 4 weeks or more

  3. Ovary size is more than 15 cc /ml

  4. Excessive facial hair growth

  5. Unexplained weight gain

Treatment Duration

After starting Gynoveda Ayurvedic Program for PCOS with delayed or irregular period, #1 question almost all women ask is "When will I get my 1st natural period? ". 

It depends on the severity of your PCOS. 

  1. In mild cases, it takes 3 months to start getting natural periods on time

  2. In moderate cases, 2000+ women shared with Gynoveda doctors that they got their natural periods on time after following the program for 4-5 months

  3. Severe cases take much longer as their ovaries become resistant over time to resume normal function which is important to get natural periods. So it takes over 6 months to resume natural periods on-time, every month. 

Gynoveda doctors learnt after they surveyed over 11,000 women undergoing Gynoveda PCOS Ayurvedic program that recovery time differs based on women’s constitution and discipline to follow the Gynovedic Diet for healthy periods which is the part of the program.

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