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1. Top Ayurveda Experts
Doctors & researchers behind the study

We recruited Dr. Divya C.S., a Ph.D. Scholar with with a vast medical experience, to be the principal investigator of our trial. We teamed up with Ayurlog: National Journal Of Research in Ayurved Science to administer the trials with Dr. Aarati Patil. All trials were approved by the team of experts, and were published by

2. The Participants
120 female participants

The study included 120 female participants between the age of 20-45 years. These women had complaints of excessive vaginal discharge on non-period days causing discomfort with or without associated symptoms like vaginal/vulvar itching, foul smell, and lower back/abdominal pain.

3.The Study Design
Key Methods & Observations

All 120 women participants were advised to take Somha daily for 3 months. Follow up was done at 15 days interval to assess changes in various symptoms associated with white discharge or leucorrhoea. These symptoms include - itching, foul smell, wetness, lower abdominal pain, lower back ache, pruritus vulva, genital ulceration, burning micturition, vaginal discharge and nature of discharge.

This assessment found that the combination of Ayurvedic herbs used in Somha are effective in significantly reducing excessive vaginal discharge an its associated symptoms.

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