Intimate White Discharge between periods on the 14th or 15th day is a normal & healthy discharge and a sign of ovulation. This discharge act as lubricant for intercourse. 

But white discharge before, after or many non periods is considered abnormal. Nature of this discharge is usually Watery, Milky or Thick Off-white or Yellowish color. 

Women generally use intimate wash or pantyliners but this is a temporary solution. Because this is not an external hygiene issue and happens due to internal swelling or injury to the reproductive system. 

When this internal swelling is not treated in early stages it becomes a severe condition and doctors call this Yeast Infection, Leukorrhea, PID, Candidiasis. Many women also mistake this as UTI and take antibiotics for it. 

Because of this women suffer silently and feel ashamed to talk about it even with their family, friends or doctor. 

Good news is...

Ayurveda can treat this internal swelling and give permanent relief from Abnormal Discharge and Vaginal itching or dryness in intimate areas.

IPSOS, an International market research company found 88% women got complete relief from abnormal white discharge and itching within 60 days when they consumed Gynoveda’s SOMA Ayurvedic Tablets. Its 100% Ayurvedic, Safe and Zero Side effects. 

After consuming Gynoveda’s Ayurvedic Pills daily for 2 - 3 months, there’s no need to use intimate wash, pantyliners or harmful antibiotics prescribed by doctors. 

Gynoveda’s Ayurvedic Tablets contains clinically tested herbs like Varuna, Shatavari, Ashoka, Ashwagandha, Triphala which acts as antifungal, anti-bacterial to treat the internal swelling and help balance pH level of the intimate area. These herbs heals your body from inside and it stops abnormal white discharge. 

Lakhs of women across India have chosen Gynoveda to treat their abnormal white discharge. 

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