Intimate Health

White Discharge, Itching Ayurvedic Tablets

Helps reduce watery, thick, milky discharge, Reduces intimate itching

from ₹ 1,400

Intimate Itch Cream

Instant Coolant, Fast Relief from Itch, Dryness

from ₹ 400

Intimate Wash Nourish For Pregnant Women

Ensures gentle intimate cleaning, Prevents swelling, infections during pregnancy

from ₹ 199

Intimate Wash Active For Women of 20-40 yrs

Maintains hygiene to support conceiving, Prevents infection, itching, odour

from ₹ 199

Intimate Wash Strong For White Discharge

Removes harmful bacteria, Reduces itching, odour, infections due to excessive discharge

from ₹ 199

Daily Intimate Care Moisturiser

Moisturises intimate area to prevent dryness, rash, soreness & chafing caused by rubbing of skin between thighs

from ₹ 400

Intimate Wash Soothe For 40+ Women

Prevents dryness, itching, odour; Ensures smooth beginning of menopause

from ₹ 199

Intimate Wash Lite For Teens of 13-19 yrs

Ensures good intimate hygiene, Removes unwanted odour, itching, irritation

from ₹ 199
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