PCOS, PCOD with Delayed Monthly Cycle

Reverses PCOS, Helps regulate cycles

from ₹ 1,800

Delayed Monthly Cycle, Less Flow

Helps regulate monthly cycles naturally

from ₹ 1,400

Sahhas Ayurvedic Capsules

Helps reduce severe pain, cramps during those days

from ₹ 900

PMS Relief Ayurvedic Tablets

Freedom from PMS symptoms like cramps, mood swings, bloating, acne

from ₹ 499

PCOS, PCOD with Early Monthly Cycle

Controls heavy flow, Helps in prolonged cycles

from ₹ 1,800

Early Monthly Cycle, Heavy Flow

Controls heavy flow, clots & prolonged cycles; Relief from pain, cramps

from ₹ 1,600

Helps reduce period pain, cramps every month

Helps reduce pain, cramps in lower abdomen, back, spasmodic pain during monthly cycle

from ₹ 299

PMS Care Ayurvedic Granules

Hassle-free monthly cycle, every month; Reduces fatigue, cravings for junk food

from ₹ 699
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