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40 ~ 90 Water Rule

What to do?

Drink water 40 minutes before and 90 minutes after any meal.

Why is it important?

If you drink water with food, digestive juices [hydrochloric acid] secreted in the stomach get diluted leading to poor digestion and generates blood toxins called AMA in Ayurveda.

AMA is the root cause of period abnormalities and most lifestyle disorders like PCOD, PMS, irregular periods cycle & flow. This is also the most overlooked reason for weight gain.

Also remember

  • Never drink cold water. It hampers digestion. Always have room temperature or lukewarm water. It boosts digestion
  • Never gulp down water. Always drink water sip-by-sip like hot tea. This helps mix saliva with water.
  • Drink 2-3 glasses of water first thing after waking up even before you brush your teeth. Saliva accumulated overnight has medicinal effects. This habit is also a great daily detox to flush out toxins
  • Take your weight, divide it by ten and then subtract two from the result. These many liters of water can be consumed per day.
  • While eating meals if you feel thirsty instead of water have ½ glass of buttermilk (Chaas), vegetable, or fruit juices in between meals. Quantity should be limited to 100 ml or half glass.
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