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gynoveda about us

About Us

Paving way for
healthy menstruation


To utilise the natural goodness of Ayurveda and help women take charge of their periods


To create a future in which women freely talk about and ensure optimum menstrual health

Our Story

Authentic, Affordable & Accessible solutions for you to take charge of your period

Every woman struggles during those days of the month'. However, be it for period pain or white discharge, 600 million women, globally, who have menstrual disorders, dread visiting a gynaecologist. This happens due to 3 major reasons:

  • Fear of physical examination and/or surgery
  • Lack of access to the right doctor/clinic
  • Prejudice of being judged and asked awkward questions

That's where the Gynoveda story begins.

We understand that menstrual problems are largely ignored. Most women suffer in silence, neglect the symptoms or accept defeat. We want to change this.

We, at Gynoveda, spoke to numerous women like you, to understand their needs, and found answers in Ayurveda - the ancient Indian medical system. We combined Ayurveda with the power of Technology to bring permanent and safe solutions to your period issues.

We understand 'What Women Want' . At Gynoveda, we enable you to:

  • Take the world’s first online period test,so you get to know your period health result in just three minutes.
  • Chat in a safe & confidential way with our team of Ayurveda Gynecologists
  • Buy Ayurveda herbal medicines that treat your period problems permanently in a natural and non-invasive way.

It's time for you to take charge of your period health. Let Ayurveda show you the way!


Meet The Faces Behind the solution

Rachana Gupta


Hi , I am the Founder of Gynoveda, world’s first #FemTech that combines Technology & Ayurveda to solve period problems. But wait, this didn’t happen just like that. Let me take you through my story.

As a Ayurveda evangelist & author of a book – Happiness ki Khoj, I am on a mission to enable women to lead a healthy & happy life.

As a result, our health deteriorates till shit hits the roof. Finally, there is panic all over and we tend to act, based on our fears and anxieties. This happens even more, when it is about our reproductive health.

Women experience menstruation for 30 years of their lifestyle. Inspite of this, it is still not given the same level of importance as any other health issue. During this lifespan, there’s menstrual difficulties like hormonal imbalance, infertility, pregnancy and finally menopause. This impacts our physical & emotional well-being.

Every woman should lead a healthy & happy life and be able to ‘Celebrate life, right here, right now’. So, I felt the strong need to change this narrative and Gynoveda was born.

Gynoveda, world’s first #FemTech combines Technology & Ayurveda to solve period problems. Gynoveda is about women having the power to self-diagnose, treat any health issues and lead an optimum life.

Join my mission to expand the circle of sisterhood and make women’s world a healthier, happier place.

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Dr. Aarati Patil

MD Gynecology Ayurveda

Dr Aarati Patil is an M.D Gynecology (Ayu) with over 11 years of experience and is currently practicing in Mumbai.

Over the last 11 years, she has extensively treated over 10000 women with gynecological issues, pregnancy & reproductive health. Her articles on PCOD, Ayurveda for Gynecology, Infertility have been covered in leading national newspapers such as Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, Hindustan Times, Gujarat Samachar, Loksatta, Lokmat, Samana and many others.

She completed her BAMS from Vasantdada Patil Ayurveda College & Institute of Yoga and then did her MD Gynecology & Obstetrics in Ayurveda from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore. She also holds a Postgraduate proficiency in Panchkarma from Tilak Ayurved College Pune & an MBA in Global Management from City University, Seattle, USA.

During her post-graduation study in Udupi, Karnataka she had the opportunity to see around 50 patients daily, especially women who had been successfully treated for their gynecological disorders through Ayurveda and there were no recurrences of the same. Thankfully, this college also offered Allopathy studies and Dr. Aaarti was able to clearly distinguish between Ayurveda & Allopathy treatments & its success.

She discovered that while Allopathy has fast-acting medicines, it is essentially symptomatic relief and chances of recurrences are high. In Ayurveda however she understood , while it was a slow- moving process but a long –lasting one and it completely eradicates the problem from its roots. This is what prompted her to specialize in Ayurveda Gynecology.

She believes - “Every woman has a right to lead a healthy life and I am simply doing my job of getting women to enjoy that”. Her mantra is ‘Slow & steady wins the race’ and she enables women to overcome any gynecological disorder in a non-invasive & non-intrusive way.

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Vishal Gupta


I am the man behind women at Gynoveda and Jack of all the trade here. I built the Gynoveda machinery from scratch and keeps it well-oiled for team to deliver its promise to all stakeholders.

I believe in taking charge of my health and find Ayurveda as the best life science in the world. It not only helped me cure my chronic lifestyle disorders but also works as natural prevention now.

While researching Ayurveda, I realized ‘How menstruation acts as a health dashboard for woman and menstrual irregularities is a mere outwardly signal of deep seated internal disorder’.

Ayurveda changed my life and it offers a solution for every woman to take charge of her menstrual health and lead a pain-free life. As a result, I co-founded Gynoveda, a FemTech startup that converge Gynecologist, Ayurveda & Technology.

Previously, I held leadership roles at disruptive unicorns like Jio, Amazon, Cleartrip, Acko, Symantec. My consumer-centric work experience of 20+ years across diverse industries equips me to connect the dots between technology & humans to build smart solutions.

I love discussing problems & consumer needs to turn them into business opportunities that build value for all stakeholders.

Stay healthy & happy!

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