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Ayurveda- Helping You At Every Step of the Conception Process

Conception is a complex process with many variables. Focusing on any one of them and missing others is a poor strategy. Ayurveda understands this with great clarity.

Maharishi Charak researched for over a century and collected immense knowledge about the whole process and the difficulties in its path. The learned sage detailed the complete process of conception in his work and formulated ways to boost every step of the process.

Unlike conventional treatment methods, Ayurveda does not focus on any specific problem for improving the chances of conception. It treats conception as a holistic process and addresses all issues collectively.

People think Ayurveda only has instructions and directions for ovulation, sperm entry, fertilisation, implantation and early nutrition. What very few people know is that Ayurveda has detailed prescriptions and methodologies for collecting, storing, preparing and prescribing specific medicines. Not only that, every medicine must be taken with a specific medium at fixed intervals. All these things make Ayurveda a precise healthcare science.

Ayurveda has everything covered for you, from the health of your ovaries to the early nutrition of the embryo for healthy implantation.

Ayurvedic Conception Care

It is a broad concept that covers everything important for successful conception and healthy pregnancy.

It covers the following:

Ayurvedic Conception Care

The whole conception process starts in the ovaries. So the health of the ovaries is of utmost importance to give the process a healthy kickstart. Conventional healthcare focuses on the size of the egg but ignores the importance of its quality. Ayurveda does not make that mistake. Ayurveda prescribes Shivlingi and Shilajit for boosting egg growth and its quality.


Ovulation is one of the most important stages of conception. Without timely ovulation, the chances of conception can go down considerably. Many women don’t ovulate for months. Hence, their chances of conception dim even further. The eggs in their ovaries keep lining up, causing further problems.

While the formation and development of eggs are important stages, timely breaking of the follicle is equally important. Ayurveda prescribes aloe vera and heeng to support and induce timely ovulation. They can help in the healthy growth of the egg and also help you ovulate on time.

In conventional medicine, a hormonal boost is used to increase egg size, and when it has grown to the desired size, hormones are given to induce ovulation. Hormone-induced ovulation or breaking of the follicle isn’t healthy. It compromises the quality of the egg and makes the overall conception risky.

Herbal support through Ayurvedic herbs is always a better and much safer option.

Sperm Entry

Conventional medicine ignores problems related to sperm entry completely until there is a problem in the sperm reaching the egg. Before a sperm reaches the fallopian tube to fertilise the egg, it has to face several challenges.

The vaginal atmosphere is the first challenge in front of the sperm. High pH or infections in the vaginal cavity can make this atmosphere unfavourable for the sperm. In such circumstances, most sperm might get neutralised in the vagina. It can die in the vagina, lose its motility or speed, or weaken. All these things are bad for conception.

Varuna and Punarnava are two amazing herbs known to improve the vaginal atmosphere and pH level. If you want to have a healthy vaginal pH level and stay away from infections, these herbs can greatly help.

Conventional medicine only considers vaginal health when there is a specific vaginal infection. However, ignoring an unhealthy pH or minor infections can considerably lower your conception chances. Thankfully Ayurveda has that covered for you.

Overall Reproductive Health

When the sperm travels from the vagina to the fallopian tube and the fertilised embryo travels to the uterus, a lot of muscle groups get involved. However, the overall muscular health of the reproductive system is hardly ever addressed by conventional medicine.

Ayurveda even has this part covered. Devadaru and Ashvagandha are two important herbs that are of great use. Devadaru is known for its uterine detox properties. Ashwagandha acts as a tonic for uterine strength. It boosts blood circulation in the reproductive system and improves its functionality.


It is one of the most important stages in the conception process. The egg and sperm need to fertilise in a healthy environment. For this, the atmosphere in the fallopian tube must be ideal. Tubes shouldn’t have any blockage and the sperm and egg must also be healthy.


Once the egg fertilises, it travels slowly towards the uterus over the next few days. During this period, the embryo is multiplying fast and preparing itself for successful implantation.

However, successful implantation is dependent on several factors.

First is the endometrium lining. This thin layer on the uterus supports the embryo in its initial stages of development. If the endometrium isn’t healthy, the risk of implantation failure will increase.

Second, the receptivity of the endometrium is of great importance. Due to hormonal imbalances, the endometrium becomes unreceptive and starts rejecting the embryo. This lowers the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Thirdly, the thickness of the endometrium layer is critical. Ideally, this layer must be around 7mm thick. Thicker or thinner layers might not be very helpful in a successful pregnancy.

Ideal endometrium lining is the key to successful implantation chances. This can be improved with herbs like Putranjeevak and Ashoka. These herbs provide the nutrients required to make the endometrium lining ideal for the embryo.

Early Nutrition

The lack of proper early nutrition of the embryo may lead to unfortunate events like chemical pregnancies, early pregnancy loss, miscarriages or abortions.

The embryo has to survive on the endometrium for the whole duration of the first trimester. Poor endometrium health can lead to nutrient deficiency, causing early pregnancy loss.

This can be avoided with the help of Shatavari and Jeevanti. These herbs help in the formation of a healthy endometrium.

Lodhra is also a helpful herb that ensures nutrition to the developing embryo.

However, you must understand that endometrium fortification must be done before conception. You must take a full course of these herbs for at least 3 months for them to show their impact on your endometrium.

Key Learning

Shivlingi, Shilajeet, Aloe vera, Heeng, Varuna, Punarnava, Devadaru, Ashwagandha, Putranjeevak, Ashoka, Jeevanti, and Shatavari are some of the Ayurvedic herbs that can rejuvenate and reinforce your reproductive system and help you conceive naturally.

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