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Gynovedic Diet

Ayurveda for healthy periods

Why this book?

You were born with the default setting to have hassle-free periods, lifelong!

But somewhere along the way the intelligent biological system that you were born with moved away from its default setting.
So what went wrong?

2 things:

As per Ayurveda, poor digestion due to consumption of unhealthy foods and wrong eating habits is the root cause of 90% of illnesses in humans during their lifespan.

Poor digestion generates toxic food waste in our body called AMA in Ayurveda. This AMA gets absorbed in the blood along with other nutritional juices and increases impurities in the blood.

Even 0.1% addition of toxins every day to the pureblood you were born multiples over the years to 1%, 5%, 10%, 20% and gradually turns your blood acidic.

Acidic blood filled with these sticky toxins called AMA in Ayurveda reaches women's delicate reproductive organs and causes unnoticeable havoc.

AMA is the root cause of most period disorders like PCOD, PCOS, Irregular periods, heavy flow, PMS, period pain, mood swings, infertility, and stressful menopause.

So what’s the solution?

2 steps solution

  • 1. Flush-out toxins or AMA
  • 2. Prevent adding new AMA

Both these are possible using the power of Ayurveda.

This book simplifies Ayurveda sutras into a step-by-step plan that serves as a blueprint to lead a toxin-free life! It paves the path for women to enjoy healthy periods, lifelong!

This is not just another diet book but A PLAN. An ayurvedic plan and nature's gift for you.

Let's call it - Gynovedic Diet.

Gyno means woman, Vedic denotes Ayurveda and Diet outlines the plan. Let's start with Gynovedic Diet.

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