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Based on your answers, Gynoveda suggests you’ve a high chance of Fibroid

Are you alarmed..?

You’re not alone to feel this way. Many women are unaware of their
menstrual abnormalities. When abnormalities goes unnoticed or
stays untreated, it gradually develops in to Fibroid.

What is Fibroid

Cysts seen in uterine muscles are known as Fibroids. Fibroid is a compact mass made up of dense fibrous tissue & smooth muscles found in uterus.


  • Heavy bleeding during periods
  • Sudden gush of blood during periods staining clothes
  • Passing clots during periods
  • Dull continuous backache
  • Frequent or early periods
  • Irregular periods
  • Spotting between two periods( breakthrough bleeding)
  • Heaviness in lower abdomen
  • Enlargement or swelling of lower abdomen
  • Difficulty in passing urine, stool, flatus(pressure symptom due to big fibroid)
  • Frequency of urination (pressure symptom)
  • Infertility


Causes as per modern science

  • Excessive intake of non vegetarian diet
  • Excessive intake of sweet, oily, fatty food
  • Lack of exercise
  • Lack of routine in sleeping & meal timings

Ayurveda prespective

  • All above mentioned causes increase Kapha (biological energy responsible for creating structures) production in body.
  • This excessive Kapha weakens powers of Pitta(biological energy responsible for transformations)
  • When this increased Kapha & weakened Pitta reaches reproductive system,the increased Kapha accelerates excessive smooth muscle production in uterus.
  • But because Pitta which is responsible for healthy transformations is weak, quality of this smooth muscle is not good.
  • There is formation of fibrous tissue which is hard & of low quality. Smooth muscles involved in formation of fibroid are also very dense due to increased Kapha.
  • Increased Kapha slows down egg production at ovary & weak pitta fails to rupture the egg on time. As a result, the cysts start to develop inside the uterine muscles & these cysts are known as Fibroids.


Ayurveda has a permanent cure for Fibroids. There is no need to opt for surgery when you have 100% natural, herbal formulations that ensure completely recovery plus prevent recurrence. Certain herbs such as Varuna & Gandhari help to directly dissolve fibroids. In addition, there are Ayurvedic formulations that helps arrest heavy bleeding and also regulate the periods cycle.

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