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Period abnormalities like delayed or irregular period cycles, less or heavy flow, ovarian cysts or fibroid are mere outward symptoms of internal disorder. Worrying about these external symptoms will not solve the problem.

Focus on solving the root cause of these problems.

And the root cause of most period problems is sticky toxins in the blood called AMA in Ayurveda. Focus on eliminating these accumulated toxins and avoid adding new AMA.

1. Ayurvedic herbs gently scrub off the toxins and flush them out of the body. It's a slow, gradual and gentle process. Eliminating toxins or AMA takes 6 months as the body takes that much time to gradually produce fresh blood and eliminate accumulated toxins.

2. Simultaneously, Gynovedic Diet helps to avoid adding new AMA. In absence of the right diet, even though ayurvedic herbs eliminate portions of AMA, new toxins continue to get added and the root cause of period problems continues to persist.

Once the blood is cleansed of toxins or AMA, acidic blood diminishes and purifies into an alkaline state. This creates a harmonious environment to restore the natural functioning of reproductive systems that control hormonal balance and timely ovulation. Both of these are important biological actions to maintain a healthy period of cycle & flow.

As the internal root cause of the problem gets treated, outward symptoms visible in the form of period abnormalities vanish and you will gradually start to experience healthy periods.

So, focus on the diet plan to go from acidic to alkaline and don’t fret about period irregularities. Dietary changes will not only help you attain freedom from period problems now but also prevent recurrence and maintain healthy periods, lifelong.

“Let food be your medicine”

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