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Natural periods, every month

Boosts metabolism for weight control

Reduces acne, skin darkening, pigmentation

Builds immunity of reproductive system

Supports natural ovulation

Improves chances to concieve

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natural periods,

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Shatavari -

Kanchnar -

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Regulates periods

Controls cysts

Improves fertility

Balances hormone

Purifies blood

Insulin resistance

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Kapha dosha


24000+ WOMEN

  • 75% women got natural periods within 60 days
  • 60% women had weight reduction within 90 days
  • Over 40 women with severe PCOS conceived naturally
  • 90% women reported increased energy level


Gynoveda is like blessings for the women who are facing different gynecological problems like PCOD, delayed period, white discharge and much more.
I am consuming Gynoveda, MYRAA & VAMAA with the proper diet & lifestyle. It’s working like magic. My skin has also become much glowing and less acne prone.
I would definitely refer Gynoveda to all the ladies having problems like PCOD and various period problems.

My problem with PCOD is from 8-9 years. I am facing a problem of absent periods since 2 years and nothing worked. But this medicine worked. I got my periods after taking MYRAA & VAMAA for 1 month and 10 days.. It's a miracle for me. Thank you so much. I suggest each & everyone suffering from PCOS or PCOD to take this.

I am really happy with the results, I got my periods after 2.5 months.
I am consuming Gynoveda, MYRAA & VAMAA, Ayurveda takes time but it really works. One must need to have patience and be calm. It’s amazing.

I got my first natural period when I was on my second kit. And second natural period on 13th November, my cycle is 33 days, I lost 8kgs of weight in just 2 and half months with the help of Kapha diet & lifestyle along with MYRAA & VAMAA. Have faith and have patience, you will definitely get the positive result.

Mein Gynoveda, MYRAA & VAMAA le rahi hu. It is a God gift.
All ladies and girls joh PCOD ya PCOS se pareshan hai, unko mein highly recommend karungi MYRAA & VAMAA lene k liye aur Kapha diet & exercise follow kijiye bas.
Thank you so much Gynoveda.