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How Long Does It Take To Recover From PCOD With Ayurveda

Only Ayurveda offers complete recovery from PCOS/ PCOD. Don’t just expect symptomatic relief. Ayurveda will make PCOS/ PCOD go away like a bad dream.

Pure Ayurvedic Herbs like aloe Vera, Kanchanar, Varuna, Krishnajeerak, Methi, etc., can remove Ama completely from your body, especially from the ovaries.

If you are following the Gynoveda 3X Ayurvedic program, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, be rest assured that you will feel relief. However, how soon or late relief comes into effect can vary significantly, sometimes up to several months, depending on the severity of your PCOS.

Samira’s Case

Samira’s mother contacted Gynoveda with her daughter’s difficulties very early on. When Samira’s case came to us, she had just started experiencing period delays. Samira was just 19 years old then. She had acne along with her period irregularities as the chief complaint.

Samira was experiencing only 7-10 days period delays. There were no remarkable PCOD changes in her ovaries.

We put Samira on a Gynoveda 3X Ayurvedic program and advised her mother to make some positive diet and lifestyle changes which she enforced very strictly.

Samira’s PCOS was mild; hence, she started having regular periods around the third month of her treatment. Her acne also subsided in its severity.

What could have been a lifelong nightmare went away from Samira’s life like a minor inconvenience due to her mother’s alertness and Samira’s cooperation.

Malti’s Case

When Malti contacted Gynoveda with her complaints of irregular periods, facial hair growth, and ovarian cysts, she had already been facing these problems for a decade. She saw no end to it and had started feeling hopeless.

We knew that Malti could be cured, but overcoming her poor lifestyle habits and unhealthy diet was a bigger challenge. Malti understood the problems and strictly controlled her diet and lifestyle. Yet, it took almost six months for Malti’s periods to resume normally.

It took much longer for Malti to recover because her ovaries had become resistant due to prolonged PCOS.

However, the important thing to note is that irrespective of the period and severity of PCOS/ PCOD, it is curable with the correct herbal medicines, diet and lifestyle changes.

Many women wonder when they can expect to see the effect of their treatment. While there are several variables, and an individual’s body is the biggest one, certain things like PCOS duration, period irregularities, and size of cysts will give you a better idea of the time.

3 Severity Types of PCOS

We can divide PCOS based on its severity into three broad categories:


In case you have any one of these symptoms, you have mild PCOS:

  • Suffering from PCOS for less than six months
  • Periods are delayed by just one week
  • Ovary size is less than or up to 10 cc/ml (Check your Ultrasound for this)

Moderate PCOS

In case you have any one of these symptoms, you have moderate PCOS:

  • Suffering from PCOS for six-twelve months
  • Periods are delayed by 2-3 weeks
  • Ovary size is between or more than 10-15 cc/ml

Severe PCOS

In case you have any one of these symptoms, you have severe PCOS:

  • Suffering from PCOS for more than one year
  • Periods are delayed by four weeks or more
  • Ovary size is more than 15 cc/ml
  • Excessive facial hair growth
  • Unexplained weight gain

Treatment Duration

The women are most eager to know a tentative duration for their periods to normalize. Period irregularities are the first thing they want to get rid of. So, naturally, that’s also the most important question we at Gynoveda face.

The answer to this question can’t be the same for everyone. Every individual can expect periods at a normal frequency depending upon the severity of their PCOS symptoms.

For instance:

Mild PCOS: You should expect to get your periods normally at regular intervals after the third month of treatment.

Moderate PCOS: More than 2000 women with moderate PCOS have witnessed their regular periods after 4-5 months of Gynoveda’s 3X Ayurvedic Program.

Severe PCOS: Women with severe PCOS should expect a little over six months to witness normal periods at regular intervals every month. They must be patient and consistent with their treatment and lifestyle changes because their ovaries become resistant over the years. Hence, they might take a little longer to resume normal functioning. However, it will be a reality sooner than later.

These timelines have been deduced through a survey of a sample size of 11000 women who have undertaken the Gynoveda 3X PCOS Ayurvedic Program. However, it goes without saying that along with the treatment, your healthy diet and lifestyle also play a crucial role in ensuring a faster recovery.

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